1 year Temporary export - Thailand/Cambodia - Border crossin


Dec 13, 2007

Just thought you guys might like to hear about my recent experience of taking my Thai registered bike .. Honda Phantom..

I took it into Cambodia at Aranyaprathet/Poipet on the 15th of May 2008.. and was told that my "Temporary Export" permit was valid for 12months... never in a million years thinking that I wopuld be there for more than a month or so...

Anyway a month turned into about 5 and an adventurous trip around most of the country stopping at 2 small towns for a couple of months each... and then in October 2008 I left my bike with a friend in Phnom Penh.. while i went to Vietnam for a month and to get a new visa for Cambodia.. but I kind of got waylaid and ended up in China..

Well it was only 15 hours or so from Hanoi...

Anyway .. long story short - oops too late already - I ended up staying in China.. then as time flies so quickly.. suddenly the May 15th anniversary is looming... so a quick trip back to PP via BKK thanks to some cheap Air Asia tickets.. I arrived back in Cambodia on the 10th May..

I had already checked via a friend in BKK that yes 12 months was the limit for Temporary import.. and that the fine for overstaying.. (the bike) was 100 baht a day, but I was less concerned about the fine than the potential hassle of having to deal with ANY anomaly at the border..

But.. as it happened the process could not have been simpler...

I arrived at the border.. got my exit stamp at the Cambodian side... and went through to the Thai side and was directed by the Customs guy.. (who took a cursory glance at my green book and the Export Paper) to the place to get my passport stamp.. when I returned.. he signaled me to take the bike through.. where I was asked to sign the book.. she took the the export form and waved me through.. no hassles at all..

I am leaving the bike in Pattaya and heading back to China.. hopefully to return for some nice rides in the not-so-rainy season...

See my post on Cambodia forum for recommendation for bike guy/storage..