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  1. pee

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    The road 105 is one of my favorite in Thailand.
    Two years ago I noticed heavy road work going on:
    I tried it again last month. They have made some progress.
    Heading north, the road is new beyond Tha Song Yang. After the right turn with road 1267 it's new for about 30 kms. Then the white lines are not yet painted:
    And then the 105 is untouched:
    Good news: the intimate charm of this road hasn't been destroyed yet

    For those based in Bangkok I have found that this 2-3 days loop works quite well:
    1) Bangkok-Tak
    2)1107 until Ban Tak- Then 1175 to Mae Rama. There one merge on 105 until Mae Sariang. Then 108 to Hot.
    3)1103 to Doi Tao then join 106 to Thoen. The 1048 to Thung Saliam and Sawankhalok. Then 101 and 12 and 1055 and 1293 to Bang Rakam. Then 117 and it's all boring until the Big Mango.
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  3. Dougal

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    Thanks Pe. Good info.

    I hope the guys keep coming in with these updates as the rainy season progresses.

    Love that road too. Makes me wanna jump on and get out there!
  4. sargent

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    Hi fellow riders, greetings to one & all
    I wish to query on the state of the 105 from Mae Sot to Mae Sariang and further North from Mae Sariang on the 108 to Mae Hong Son i and my fellow riders wil be heading to Pattaya(Burapha) bike week and hope to cover the MHS & GT before riding south to Pattaya.
    I have seen Capt Slash's report of May 2008 and Pee's posting.
    As road conditions keep changing i would apperciate it if feedback on road conditions or other info deemed important to bikers could be posted.

    Thank you
  5. Marco

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  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    If someone helps you with a reply, would you help us with some input from one of your trips

    September 2008
    March 2007
    We too would appreciate any input.
  7. sargent

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    Thanks for the Feedback Marco & Davidfl,
    Would always like to update road conditions, crossing's and any info riders require but the GT-Riders are the only source of updated info concerning the north, Burma, Laos & Cambodia i try to ride up north from Singapore at least once a year, but many a time after enquiring end up riding on the Normal Highways due to fellow riders fears of road conditions, etc etc like the Bokor enquiry which was never carried out but was done on the normal Aryanaprathet entry and exit at Khlong Yai using the Highways as we were riding Harleys.
    Will post the latest after i am back from Pattaya Bike Week.
    Marco will try to see you guy's at Pattaya let me know of the location u guy's will be for a beer & chat.
  8. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    Any trip reports with a few photos are always welcome - no matter what or where you ride or how easy / hard / boring the roads were / are. At least you would be contributing & helping to share / build up the info.
    Not everyone wants to be / is an adventure rider & I personally don't mind what or where you ride.
    GT Rider aims to be a riders forum to help all motorcyclists touring the region, regardless of what & where you ride.
    No offence, but for some strange reason unknown to me, very few Harley or sport bike riders seem to be able to take the time & effort to contribute. This I find disappointing as I know a lot of them use GT Rider for trips & info - some of you guys do need a bit of a wind up & reminder every now & again.
  9. Marco

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    like Colin mentioned it's all good exept 4.6km gravel road, but HEY, if i can do it with my 400Kg LT

    You can do it.

    Dont worry small thing's like that,,Life is full of adventures :D

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