1. Rookie

    Rookie Active Member

    Not recommended road unless its a dry weather and with a dual purpose bike
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  3. subzero

    subzero Member

    Anybody out there, who´s done the 1243 recently ?? I´m just curious, if the conditions deteriorated.
    Looks like a great ride to me, but last time in Ban Khok, the locals recommended the 1083/1026...

  4. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    You little beauty - looks like an interesting ride alone out there in the boonies.
    That sudden weather change certainly caught a few people out.
  5. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    I came through there in April on a CRF250L. A really nice ride. Mostly dry roads, the dirt part was a bit moist but enjoyable.
    The army check point was trilled to se a Farang and I talked with them for a while. No Farang had passed for about two months, they said!
    Strange because it is a really nice road to use from Nan and going south or going north.

    The army guards where happy to see a Farang. They even woke up the boss so he could have a chat too. Nice people. After everybody had taken their pictures I was able to leave.
    GT-Riders 1243 1.jpg

    I had a lunch break in the middle of the woods to enjoy the silence. Just the sound of birds and some unseen animals.
    GT-Riders 1243 2.jpg

    The surface came in all kind of shades. Piles of cow dung indicated not much traffic on this nice road.
    GT-Riders 1243 3.jpg
  6. Oddvar

    Oddvar Ol'Timer

    1243 is now sealed. Half of it was sealed last year and it's falling apart. Last part sealed in December.
    Looks very good.

    On the Utaradit side cows and the jungle is doing their best to reclaim it.
    North of the dirt road between 1243 and 1083 the asphalt is full of potholes.(Along 1243)
    But work is in progress and it should be sealed soon.
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  7. ianyonok

    ianyonok Ol'Timer

    I recall riding that 1243 on my '59 Triumph a few years ago, when it was dirt. Bit of a rough ride, but a beautiful quiet remote area. I popped out into Bahn Sali village and they were quite surprised to see a farang. Thanks for the update Oddvar, that the road is now paved. I must get back there soon.....
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