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  1. My wife and I have just returned from 10 days in the GT area and used a Honda 125 (150 B/day) to get around.

    We've fallen in love with GT and the 125 is an ideal way for us to get around at 30 - 40 kph.

    We're planning a trip and fancy a 125 with a trailer so we can transport our (my wifes!) luggage

    has anyone got any experiences with hiring a 125 / trailer combo. At 40,000 B for a new one, we may even consider buying one and selling it before we return.


  2. Gday Nigel,

    I dont think anyone hires the "combo" your looking for ... however I did happen to notice a price sticker on a trailer ... think it was somewhwere between 1800 - 2300 baht.

    I honestly think you'd be better off convincing the missus to turf out anything that wont fit in a day pack ...

  3. trade her in mate, on a Thai girl, they are lighter and don't carry as much crap

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