1263 Mae Chaem area to Khun Yuam

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  1. Just travelled this route. In (so many) places the road is best described as 'broken ground' , dangerous on 2 wheels for the unprepared. Leave extra time if you are travelling in this area.
  2. Thanks for letting us know! They had patched this road up quite nicely last winter but I guess the repairs didn't survive the rainy season. I'll make a note to avoid the 1263 on road bikes for the time being.

    Happy Trails!

  3. The road clears the closer you get to Khun Yuam but I get the impression that in a lot of cases it is underground water undermining the road. They were indeed patching the road in one place but that seemed to consist of throwing a handful of sand in a hole followed by a cup of tar!
  4. Just rode that stretch a few days ago and thought it was quite nice. Of course there are a few rough spots as you will find on just about any highland highway over time. But no major long stretches of broken gravel. My bigger problem was getting hopelessly lost trying to get from Pang Ung to Mae Ruam and then on to Wat Chan. I made the correct decision to turn back to Pang Ung while I still had enough fuel to get to a known destination.
  5. From Pang Ung to Wat Chan via Mae Ruam is a wonderful ride but very easy to get lost as those mountains are crisscrossed with a maze of dirt tracks and forest roads, very little of which has any signage. Fortunately there always seem to be locals around who are happy to point you in the right direction. I very much look forward to exploring that area more in the near future! :happy2:
  6. It's not as bad as if you miss the turnoff onto the 1263, and stay on the 1088... that road isn't for the faint hearted (on a road bike)...

  7. I had previously ridden the track from Mae Nachon to Mae Sa to Mae Ruam. That road is pretty straight forward, but definitely best ridden with a dual sport. The road from Mae Ruam to Wat Chan is very good and could probably be ridden, with care, on a street bike or scooter. I thought the road from Mae Ruam down to Pang Ung would be the same, but I was in error. I had gone over 30 minutes without seeing anyone when I decided to turn around and head back to Pang Ung. But the area is indeed very beautiful with some great forest and amazing views.

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