12th Vintage Bike Rally, Kanchanaburi


Dec 9, 2008
For my bike's 60th birthday, I rode 1,000 klms down to the 12th Vintage Bike Rally at the Sri Nakarind Dam, Kanchanaburi
It was well worth the 2,000 klm trip, if you are into old machinery.
This was a yearly event in November, but was cancelled in 2016 and 2017 due to the passing of The King.
So, the organisers decided on Saturday 24th February this year.

I arrived at the rally at about 11:00. Lots of interesting bikes to see already and they kept arriving through the afternoon. Late met up with Eddie from Pattaya and Paul from Kanchanburi, plus several of their friends.

'57 Triumph T110, quite a rare bike here, I believe.
2018-02-24 11.05.02.jpg

2018-02-24 11.05.09.jpg

Very old, very special. I would guess late twenties or early 30's..? In top condition and both running.
2018-02-24 11.05.32.jpg

2018-02-24 11.05.42.jpg

Not strictly correct, with Concentric carbs, but THE Triumph classic. The first year Tangerine Dream Bonneville... very very special.
2018-02-24 11.07.32.jpg

I guess this is the Thai equivalent of the European Steam Engine groups.
2018-02-24 12.26.02.jpg

2018-02-24 12.26.50.jpg

Fowler, Leeds, England.
2018-02-24 12.31.44.jpg

"The Conservative Group of Antique Engines"......... great name....
2018-02-24 12.32.23.jpg

Sprung hub rigid Speed Twin. circa.. '50
2018-02-24 12.36.48.jpg

Eddie from Pattaya brought his newly restored Norton Atlas 750cc. Immaculate..!
2018-02-24 13.19.14.jpg

2018-02-24 13.34.30.jpg

2018-02-24 14.25.43.jpg

2018-02-24 14.25.48.jpg

The Thai Police Special Branch HD group. They arrived with all red, white & blue lights flashing....
2018-02-24 14.26.26.jpg

A beefy looking Beemer...
2018-02-24 14.30.06.jpg

There were maybe twenty or so of these '60's R69s. Bikes that go on forever....
A rare 70's Suzuki 2 stroke twin 500 brought in by Eddie's mate from Pattaya.
2018-02-24 14.42.18.jpg

2018-02-24 14.42.28.jpg

2018-02-24 14.43.02.jpg

Eddie had a new Atlas when he was 19... so he had to buy this '65 model when it came up for sale... just a few years later.... the red petrol tank looks great.
2018-02-24 14.43.10.jpg

2018-02-24 14.43.20.jpg

The classic Honda 4 group.
2018-02-24 14.44.01.jpg

Aerostream caravan trailer.
2018-02-24 14.44.06.jpg

2018-02-24 14.44.25.jpg

2018-02-24 14.46.26.jpg

There were some gorgeous old Harleys there.
2018-02-24 14.46.37.jpg

An SR club.
2018-02-24 14.47.30.jpg

This one is a BSA SR with sidecar.
2018-02-24 14.47.39.jpg

Need a wheel, pipe or a set of bars....?
2018-02-24 14.48.28.jpg

2018-02-24 14.48.34.jpg

An impressive display from the MZ club. They had an MZ petrol pump and were movie making.
2018-02-24 14.50.00.jpg

The parking was organised by country of origin.
2018-02-24 14.51.12.jpg

2018-02-24 14.51.36.jpg

Another early fifties sprung hub rigid Triumph...... with some later parts on it...
2018-02-24 14.52.06.jpg

Mid sixties BSA A50.
2018-02-24 14.52.39.jpg

An early fifties WD BSA M33
2018-02-24 14.52.56.jpg

2018-02-24 14.53.10.jpg

40's BSA side valve M20 or M21. Love the "distressed" finish.
2018-02-24 14.53.35.jpg

2018-02-24 14.53.50.jpg

Great looking Matchless.
2018-02-24 14.54.37.jpg

Another BSA A50.
2018-02-24 14.56.21.jpg

A couple of very different looking flathead Harleys. Both gorgeous...
2018-02-24 15.00.18.jpg

2018-02-24 15.00.39.jpg

The MZ club out for a ride around.
2018-02-24 15.03.03.jpg

More of "The Conservative Group".....
2018-02-24 15.06.17.jpg

2018-02-24 15.06.52.jpg

2018-02-24 15.06.57.jpg

I imagine these were old factory or farm engines. The iron tank contains cooling water.
2018-02-24 15.07.02.jpg

Very rare.... and very old..... A guy rode it away later. Twenties.....?
2018-02-24 15.17.01.jpg

2018-02-24 16.03.28.jpg

Later in the afternoon, the place really started filling up.
2018-02-24 16.03.32.jpg

2018-02-24 16.04.45.jpg

A Catalina style A7.
2018-02-24 16.06.38.jpg

2018-02-24 16.06.57.jpg

2018-02-24 16.07.10.jpg

2018-02-24 16.09.07.jpg

2018-02-24 16.15.30.jpg

2018-02-24 16.21.24.jpg

2018-02-24 16.38.17.jpg

Very very nice.....
2018-02-24 16.47.40.jpg

The classic and custom car guys were there too. Massive cars with massive engine and noisy exhausts.. what a sound, those V8s....
2018-02-24 16.49.07.jpg

An early Speed Twin in beautiful condition.
2018-02-24 16.53.32.jpg

2018-02-24 16.54.16.jpg

I think...... this is the first year Dommie in the garden gate frame.....
2018-02-24 16.57.25.jpg

Nice line up of Nacelle Triumphs.... I should have parked on the end.......
2018-02-24 17.05.15.jpg

60's AJS.
2018-02-24 17.33.28.jpg

2018-02-24 17.43.17.jpg

Super looking Norton cafe racer..... bet that sounds great too.....
2018-02-24 18.03.30.jpg

2018-02-24 18.28.52.jpg

2018-02-24 18.29.03.jpg

2018-02-24 18.29.07.jpg

2018-02-24 18.29.34.jpg

6 o clock in the evening and the bikes were still coming in....
2018-02-24 18.31.33.jpg

2018-02-24 18.31.45.jpg

2018-02-24 18.39.23.jpg

2018-02-24 18.39.45.jpg

2018-02-24 18.39.52.jpg

Twin Chronometrics on the '57 TR6, quite a rare bike here I think. Lovely clocks....
2018-02-24 18.42.20.jpg

The BSA M20 club from Rayong. Girder forks look so cool.....
2018-02-24 18.51.46.jpg

Only one Guzzi noticed.
2018-02-24 20.17.42.jpg

2018-02-24 20.17.51.jpg

These two bikes had been ridden up from Kuala Lumpur! Both rigid sprung hub Triumphs, late forties or early fifties.
2018-02-24 20.20.09.jpg

2018-02-24 20.20.57.jpg

You gotta have your Campervans and Bugs.........
2018-02-24 22.27.05.jpg

2018-02-25 06.37.59.jpg

2018-02-25 06.38.17.jpg

2018-02-25 06.41.29.jpg

2018-02-25 06.44.12.jpg

2018-02-25 06.44.31.jpg

2018-02-25 06.45.19.jpg

2018-02-25 06.45.32.jpg

2018-02-25 06.45.58.jpg

Lovely curvy panniers.
2018-02-25 06.46.11.jpg

2018-02-25 06.46.56.jpg

Great looking Harley.. class......
2018-02-25 06.47.10.jpg

2018-02-25 06.47.40.jpg

2018-02-25 06.48.08.jpg

2018-02-25 06.48.50.jpg

2018-02-25 06.49.18.jpg

2018-02-25 06.50.48.jpg

Never seen one of these before. Soliter... from Germany.
2018-02-25 06.56.16.jpg

Mister Famee, ridden his '49 T100 from KL. We pitched our tent next to these guys for the night...
2018-02-25 08.08.32.jpg

2018-02-25 08.23.55.jpg

Must say, it was a wonderful show. Best bike meeting I have ever been to.... for those into old machines. In fact there were very few new bikes to be seen. I would guess there were more than 5,000 people and at least 3,000 bikes. Many more I didn't get to photo.
There were three stages and the main stage had some great bands on. There was Leo in litre jugs and dozens of food stalls.....

I lay down in my tent at about 9 o clock... and was serenaded with the sound of loud, unrestrictive exhausted, engine starting, burbling and roaring.... that went on for hours and hours and hours and hours....

VintageBike Rally.... on the calendar for next year.... for sure. Bring it on......


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Staff member
Mar 22, 2016
Ian, I'm really astonished that there are so many vintage bikes (and cars) in Thailand, because aside from yours. I've never seen any on the roads in the more than a decade that I've been cruising around the north. When there's a date and location set for the next Vintage Bike Rally, be sure to post advance notice as there are bound to be other GT-Riders who would love to see those wonderful gems of 2-wheeled history.


Dec 9, 2008
It was a fantastic meeting, just wonderful for those into old bikes.
Not sure when the next meeting will be; could be February 2019 or it may revert to late in the year again, which would then be November 2019.
But I should be able to find out easily, as my friend Paul lives in Kanchanaburi and has a late sixties T100 that he wants to take to the next meeting.
I will post a message and any info, when I find out when it will be.


Dec 9, 2008
The next Vintage Bike Rally will be on Saturday 17th November 2018.
I plan to ride down there and camp at the rally ground, as it was such great fun last February.

Ian Bungy

Sep 19, 2006
The next Vintage Bike Rally will be on Saturday 17th November 2018.
I plan to ride down there and camp at the rally ground, as it was such great fun last February.
We will probably join You this Year Ian? There are a few of Us interested so will most likely just Meet You there depending on Routes chosen? Looks great!


Dec 9, 2008
OK, Fantastic, Ian. I'm sure you'll enjoy the rally. They have all sorts there. American, Brit, German, Italian bikes, plus all the great custom cars and trucks etc. Just a good scene for petrolheads. I was most impressed with the MZ club last year.... they had it well together; MZ transporter truck and MZ petrol station pump.

But I don't think you will want to ride with me.......... I ride at classic speed........... hahaha...
Plus, I may take 4 days to get there on a circuitous route.

Camping at the site was great fun last year. That was the full experience for me and I recommend doing that. Get as wasted as you want and watch/listen to roaring engines all evening. I'll take my camping chair...
But if you want a hotel, there are plenty around, about 5 - 10 klms away. There were many thousands of visitors at the last rally, but about 60% either went home in the evening or stayed in hotels nearby. So, a good idea to book rooms in advance, if not camping.


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Mar 22, 2016
Ian, can you post the event location? GPS coordinates, or a google map image with "X" marks the spot... For anyone who has never been down there (me, for a start 555), it might be helpful... My aging body is not optimised for camping so I will then find and book a hotel nearby... once i know where "nearby" is.


Dec 9, 2008
Hi Ben,
When you are approaching the dam, you'll start to see all the bikes on the way to the site and it will be signposted. Its a huge event, so not hard to find.
I didn't go camping for over 30 years. Now have a lovely tent that only weighs 630 grams and packs up to a tiny size. I use a ligtweight inflatable mattress and inflatable pillow. No roughing it for me. I am more comfortable at night, than in many GHs with the concrete mattress and brick pillow. Add in the camping chair and micro stove and..... life is good.

This will help. The site is within a few klms of the dam itself.


Dec 9, 2008
Coming soon now......

I plan to leave Chiang Rai on Wednesday 14th November, riding the '59 Thunderbird.
Take 3 1/2 days to ride about 680 miles.
The Rally gets going at midday on Saturday 17th November. See y'all there......

From the VintageBike facebook page.

Thai Traditional Motorcycle Preservation and Development Club under the Royal Thai Conservation and Development Foundation under the Patronage of His Majesty the King, by Air Chief Marshal Wirayudit Isisharin, Honorary President Invite members and interested people. Join the activity under the name of Vintage motorcycle exhibition Anniversary 13th Saturday, 17 November 2018 at 13.00 onwards at the stadium of the Srinakarin Dam. Karnchanaburi
Mr. Kraisorn Suthipol Somboon would like to thank the Wing Commander, Viravit Dissayarasin for this opportunity with respect.