14/45 gearing for KLX, do I need a new chain too?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by FrankT, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. I am considering putting a 45 sprocket at the rear of my KLX but keep the standard 14 in the front would this mean I need a new (longer) chain too?
    Pleased to hear.
  2. This info is from Miguel's Nong Hoi

    Gearing Links
    =============== ========
    14/42 106
    13/42 106
    13/45 108
    14/45 108
    13/47 110
    14/47 ???
    14/48 110
    14/49 110
    13/49 110

    The stock chain is suppose to be 106 links, so it seems you would need a new chain. You can get the same gearing with 13/42 and then you can use the stock chain and have an option to change back to 14t front sprocket in case you have a trip with many km on the highway.

    I just changed to 13/47 gearing and used Er6 chain from Kawa.
  3. I need a new chain, and already have 13 up front, so maybe i will get the Er6n chain from Kawa and a 47-49 sprocket. Where can i score the sprocket?


  4. Dirtshop has 50 in stock (made in Thailand) and can order other sizes withi 2 weeks but where can I find a 13 sprocket?? Dirtshop no have...
  5. I ordered my 13 from the US, motorcyclewarehouse.com or something like that, and my mom slipped it in an envelop and just sent it over in the mail. No problems.

    A 50 maybe too big. Thinking at 47 or 48 is about right.

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