144cc big-bore kit for Kawa 125 models?

Discussion in 'Kawasaki Big Bikes Thailand' started by KZ25, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Has anybody tried to fit the cylinder and piston of the KLX140 onto the 125cc street legal model?
    Both have a stroke of 54.4mm but the off-road version has a 4mm bigger bore (58 instead of 54mm) giving it 144cc compared to the 124cc of the enduro.
    20 extra cc is about a 15% increase - should make a difference!
    Seems to me that this would be a quite easy and cheap conversion using Kawasaki factory parts.

    Any thoughts?

    Btw, the off-road exhaust fits onto the enduro, looks good and is not too noisy.

  2. If you've got the time & money there's no replacement for displacement........go for it!! Any reason why you didn't go for the klx250 in the first place? I got a D-Tracker250 & think it's a bit underpowered BTW & have dabbled with the idea of a BB kit.......is a man is never happy with the power he's got...lol

    Seeing as you live on Phuket & letting a bunch of @#$***# at Kawasaki (Phuket town) loose on your bike might be a little scary. I have watched them assemble a top end on a ER6 & a torque wrench was never used at any point!!! I know an English mechanic in Chalong with 30+ years of experience behind him, with pretty much a full machine shop of engineering equipment. Let me know if you want an introduction.

    cheers joel

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