175 kms of Enduro Trails at Mat Daling Village in the town of Jerantut, Pahang.

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    This a recent ride done by me on a 1200GSA with the assistance of my local riding buddy (Nizam) from Malaysian Biking Community. Enduro (fireroad) trails are something we lacked in Malaysia. Most dirt trails are either some trails which are too tight for twin dual sports or too short/insignificant a trail to experience a proper dual sport ride.

    One exception is Mat Daling village dirt trails in the heart of state of Pahang (the largest state in peninsular malaysia) with the oldest rainforest jungle in the world. But as can be seen later, logging activity has taken its toll over the years....so whatever that is left, such is our playground here.

    Pictures taken are not of good quality as the trails are a handful, hence I've had to pack light and reorganise my bike for the trip and use only lightest of equipment.

    Here is the link to my Facebook page of the full set of pictures and narratives http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.289809364366755.90440.100000130818371.

    My apologies if this is seen as a short cut to a proper ride report. I hope this can give you guys up north a bit of feel to what we have in Malaysia. Total ride duration - 2 days 1 night and a total dirt trails of 175kms.


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    nice report lets ride trans sumatra/jawa brother on march 2012 to april 2012.

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