1971 honda cb 750 k1

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  1. Another Honda CB750 given a new lease off Life !
  2. Photos Please! We Love the Classics!
  3. Coming soon
  4. A real stunner- Eddie asked me to post these up:



  5. A couple more pics for Eddie:


    BTW, here's how to post pictures on the GT-Rider forum:
    [h=3]How to upload Photos.[/h]
  6. Beautiful Bike and a Beautiful restoration Job Sir. A Credit to You. Well Done! A Friend up here has been looking for one for a Long Time but No Luck or No Legitimate Plate!
  7. Hats off to you Eddie a perfect restoration job with also all the polishing works done meticulously !! What a nice classical bike it became !!
    BTW thanks for the recommendation for the Phuket Tmax of the Dutch gentlemen you and Tony recommended as preferred to a new Tmax530 (without ABS, man, was I angry, sometimes I do not understand the importers, only bring in the 'second row', I mean for a 525k THB bike ABS should have been standard....!!) What's your next restoration project ?
  8. What a splendid looking bike, all that chrome and polished casings -- takes me back a year or 35....and so rare to see the four into four. Have you tried the glass of water test ?
  9. Thanks Franz ... Keeps me off the Streets :) ... Whats my next Project .. what ever tickles my fancy .. any bike's out there needing surgery ?????? .......
  10. Nice job, looks great!
  11. I was at the Eagles house about 4-months ago, to pick up some Hi-Flo filters.
    Eddie had bought and is selling the residual filter stock from Brett Cooper.
    He may have filter(s) you need for for your bike(s); he will not order any sizes that
    are not in the remaining stock.
    At the time, he showed me his '71 Honda project; bike looked better than new back then!
    A real craftsman!

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