1983 MTX 200 for sale

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  1. Did you ever want to go to a vintage motorcycle event ? Here is your chance.
    Am selling my 1983 MTX 200 bike. It started life as a MTX 125, and then I put
    in the larger 200 CC engine. A two stroke bike, it is putting out 29 horsepower versus
    19 horsepower for a CRF 250. If you like wheelies this is the bike for you....
    It is in excellent condition, I have gone through every part of the bike. It has
    5000 kilometers on the chain, a new battery, new head bearings, new paint on the tank,
    cargo rack, standoff bars for soft bags, auxiliary electric fan for cooling, modified seat, etc etc....
    It just came back from this 5000 kilometer trip where it worked perfectly the entire time.

    Parts are easily obtainable from a guy here in Thailand who imports the bikes and breaks them here.
    Gotta love an engine with 5 moving parts, and a rebuild is a new set of rings... :)
    Asking price is 30,000 baht. It has an original green book and should be a
    piece of cake to transfer. Registration tax is current. Bike is now located in Pattaya.



    And best of all.....a plate.
  2. Good luck with the sale Robert.

    Parting with your pride and joy.

  3. Hello Rhiekel,

    I am seriously interested in your MTX200 (used to own one in the mid 80s ;-)

    Is it still available ?

    Best regards


    PS : I'm not very familiar with gt-rider as I just registered in order to contact you. Could we possibly exchange on the phone (06 14 87 84 01)
    PS2 : I'm based in Koh Pha Ngan - no probs to come and have a look a your machine...
  4. Reduced price to 35,000 baht !!!! Gotta sell this baby....
  5. I'm in !
    Dan 06 14 87 84 01
  6. Hi Dan: I contacted you on that number but never heard back from you.
    My number is 084-100-1203
  7. Still for sale. New price drop to 30,000, as I need to leave in a couple
    of weeks.
  8. Go on then Ile have that
    Call my wife on 0898620241
    I am in the UK at the moment my wife will come to pattaya
    Thanks you can also speak to me on Facebook or email
    [email protected]
  9. Sold !!!!!
  10. Thanks Robert Ime very happy with my purchase
    Take care and if you want to use the bike when you eventually come back Ime serious you are more than welcome to come and pick it up and have a tour
    i know you love the bike mate

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