1992 Route 109 Fang - Mae Suai

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    Anyone remember this guy?
    A wonderful funny guy, who ran a "pub" that had the best ever Happy Hour in Chiang Mai: a free hot dog with every beer or spirits drinks 2 for 1. The Happy Hour inevitably ended up being hours long & many a night I seem to recall "being recalled" home.
    Joe from Joe's Bike Team started renting out bikes from here & the joint used to be the number # 1 biker's hang out in Cnx in those days. I think Walter from Siam Enduro tours was also a partner with Joe at the time, renting & fixing motorbikes.

    It was nigh impossible for the publican to get a leave pass to go riding, but this was his 1st overnighter - The Fang / Mae Suai Loop with a night in Fang.


    109 in those days was still "raw country" with heaps of hill tribe villages beside the road.


    Or off-road

    109 was being upgraded to a real road with asphalt, but first they had to widen & cut the road through the mountains.


    It took them a few years to get it right.



    But it ended up a beautiful smooth flowing biker’s road!


    While it was dirt it was a road you would not want to get caught on in the wet.



    In mid 92 a couple of mates on MTX 125s left Fang at 3PM to slip across 109 for a night in Chiang Rai. They hit torrential rain in the middle mountain section & the road turned to mud. Even on MTXs they could not get up the muddy slopes & literally had to drag & lift / carry their bikes up & over the mountain in the dark! It took them 6 hours & they eventually arrived in CEI around 11PM. Quite an adventure.

    Now back to the guy in the picture – Hard Rock Louie. His pub was called the Hard Rock Café & he was the first legally registered Hard Rock in Chiang Mai.

    Hard Rock was not impressed & I think he eventually had to change the name to Rock Hard.

    Louie started the HRC in 1988 and had a 3 year lease....Roxanne Brown bought in as half owner in early 1992 and by mid 1992 Louie had left Chiang Mai.

    But who was Roxanna Brown. She recently tragically died in a police cell in the USA while under police investigation for fraud involving ceramics.

    Roxanna was a SE Asian ceramics expert & adventurer in the 70s covering the Vietnam War as a young journalist. The Nation (Bkk Post?) Newspaper is currently running a 3-part story on her life & times in Thailand / Asia, watch out for it.

    The Roxanna Brown story

    Roxanna Brown: How Can This Happen in America? | HuffPost

    Why Did the FBI Let Roxanna M. Brown Die? - Salem-News.Com

    Was Roxanna Brown an Art-World Fraud?
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    Yea good old Hard Rock Louie,

    definitely one of the "Golden Oldies" of the mid 90ies.

    Unfortunately haven't got pics from this time but will check again.

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    Yes, I renember the MA LAWNS at The Hard Rock well, many a beer and G&T and Louie of course.
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    Bender on R109 July 93

    The start at the West / Fang end.

    Heading up & East..

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    October 1993

    riding with Two Moons on the AX1s


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    March 94 with Armin Schoch.

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    Great old photos..... thank you.

    I was on the road a month ago and there were roadworks halfway along due to a big rockfall.

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