1998 Transalp price?

Discussion in 'General Discussion / News / Information' started by artunltd, May 14, 2009.

  1. artunltd

    artunltd Member

    Cheers from Korea!!!!
    I just found this 1998 Transalp here in Korea. It looks like a really clean and
    unmolested example. Under 14,000 km., the frame is not all scratched up, the nut and bolts all look clean (not rusty). I can buy it for 75,000 bhat.
    Does this seem like a good price to you guys? For the condition and low kms, it seems like a pretty good deal to me. I have never had a Transalp. Now I am riding a 2004 Honda 750 Shadow Aero.
    How do the Transalps compare to the Africa Twins? (besides engine size)

    Thanks in advance.

    http://bike.passo.co.kr/home/main/popup ... 08601&no=1

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  3. artunltd

    artunltd Member


    I know I'm not in Chang Mai. I'm just a biker guy that likes to ride.
    but.............no one has any feedback on the Transalp???????/
    Are they totalally shit?????????????

    come on guys

    help a fellow biker out
  4. tonykiwi

    tonykiwi Ol'Timer


    I don't think the lack of respose is due to a lack of interest.

    I can't answer your question totally but in the spirit of giving you even a small bit of input here goes.

    I own a 2005 Transalp and all the research I did prior to buying the bike was very positive. I believe that Honda overall will be a good chouce of bike and the deign of the Transalp makes it a really good touring bike. I see a few of the same age as yours in New Zealand offered for sale and if prices are comparable between countries, the the price is fair.

    You will enjoy its capabilities on rougher terrain than tarsealed roads in addition to good handling on good roads.

    I suspect that generally parts are available for maintenence but have no knowledge of the locfal market for you.

    Intuitively I am surprised at the low mileage. Personal experience tells me to price that thought into the purchase.

    I believe you would enjoy the bike. I know I do.

    Can't really add more than that.

  5. Barry Neves

    Barry Neves Ol'Timer

    I rode an old model transalp with very high mileage all over the Philippines and it was absolutely bomb-proof. Very enjoyable and reliable!
  6. DavidFL

    DavidFL Administrator Staff Member

    A great bike with a bullet proof motor.
    Sorry I'm a bit slow, but on the road in Laos.
  7. jimoi

    jimoi Ol'Timer

    Not a bad price depending on how it runs. I'm not a huge fan of them as they are heavy and a bit on the underpowered side but 75,000 baht works. Have a look at http://www.f-ms.de/ta/faq/ for a history lesson on what goes wrong with the bikes. If I were to get one again, I'd lower the CDI case as explained in the FAQ.
  8. artunltd

    artunltd Member

    Thanks Jim and Tony. I'm going to look at the bike today.
    It seems like a pretty good deal to me.

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