1st Mekong Boat Trip

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  1. My first trip 1995 on the Mekong 3 days from Luangprabang back to Chiangkong. 12 motorbikes and 2 Jeeps.



    Loading the cars in LPB


    Sundown on the Mekong

    Our first step in Laos


    My mecanic and left side a Thai guide name Boi. A few years later he hanged himself in a temple in Chiang Mai.

  2. Great adventure & memories Armin.
    I remember Boi well, a really nice good guy. He had some good adventures & stories to tell, some of them about you. ;)
  3. David I remember on some storie but view was a lie. Boi was ok until he meet Walter F. By this time it went downhill with him. His problem was alcohol and Walter F.

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