2-14 Ride


Oct 14, 2005
I hear only one picture opening on the other thread so I will try this. I had a heck of a time yesterday took over four hours to get a short report done.

Sorry Guys net is not cooperating this will have to wait.

We actually had two rides going this day, part of the ride list and part of Eagle Riders went to Pattaya. So the two groups left here did a local ride. It was supposed to be to Ban Chaing for a festival. Didn't work out that way we went to bicycle races on Nong Han that is part of the fun. Sometimes things change everybody just stays good natured and goes with the flow and it all works out. No schedules involved anyway.

Finally A safe and sane ride look to the far left the young lad on the Bicycle w actually leading the ride =D>

Young Guys racing their montian bikes


What can I say Subai Subai all the food and drink you wanted. Now before you think this is light wieght stuff that bike behind my head is 200K baht

We were the first group to arrive followed by the sports bikes. I got contact info on the sport Bike Group here in Udon straight up this guys are serious riders, if you don't have the proper equipemnt and your skill level is not top notch don't get involved in this. I dont have his name but owns Tech21 Super Bikes 089-572-5656

The next group to arrive were the litle bikes 150CC bikes and will do 130 Klms I wouldn't have the courage to small

We got lined up and started the ride. 15 to 30 Klms an hour at times a bit fast for me but I hung there
http://www.electronicfiles.net/files/11 ... 0_2649.jpg[/img]

The guy on the Harley Sportser is from Slow Riders named wrong they are not slow at all. The guy on the orange bike on the right a young guy from Denmark. First time I ever saw a bike like that V-2 400 CC Honda, moved right along very quiet, He says he get 170 out of it I don't doubt it one bit.

Of course there was the awards ceremony this being Thailand everyone won something including us we were all given t-shirts for participating in the ride.


The route a tough on 22 to Nong Han 2255 to Phen 2 to Udon roughly 130 Klms. 2255 is really good road and enjoybale to ride, very subai subia. Hard to find any pot holes at all. nice moprning ride. We did run through heard of bauffalo so they are out there.

See you in Khon Kean


Dec 13, 2007
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