2,500 km up and through NE

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  1. Reading so many inspiring reports on the forum I will try my 1st essay as a writer. Please excuse my english, I am not native speaker.

    Some months ago by random I met a thai biker from BKK and we decided to have a ride together one day, an idea which became real last week.
    A 250Ninja and a BMW, maybe sounds like a strange combination, however it worked pretty well. The Ninja carried 2 people and some luggage with an excellent top speed above 150, even climbing up the hills was surprisingly fast. Logic that acceleration and passing-by could not compare to the GS, but please, what can you expect more? Definitely a supergreat performance!

    It was also the 1st test of my DRL, 2 LEDs with 3W each seem to be very visible. From now on my fogs lights will be used during night only, also reducing the load of the generator.

    What I still need to remember for future trips is to take more pictures.

    This was the tour:
    part 1:
    Hua Hin – Bangkok – Khao Koh (Phetchabun) – Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park – Nakhon Thai
    After 3 days my new friend unfortunately had to go back to work, so we seperated and I continued on my own .
    part 2:
    direction Loei – Chiang Khan - along the Mekong – Udon Thani – Seka – Roi Et and back home.

    The whole trip on Google maps:

    Info of my GPS:

    Beautiful view when coming close to hotel:
    (seems panorama view cannot be displayed on the forum, please doubleclick thumbnail)

    Hotel “I Love Khao Kho“ and bikes:

    panoramic view from a restaurant closeby:
    please doubleclick thumbnail


    View point at palace:

    Nice roads:

    Passing a city on route 12:

    Wat Phrathat Pha Kaeo:

    Riding again:

    Phu Thap Boek Viewpoint:
    I don't know why below panorama is displayed, no thumbnail required

    Entering Phu Hin Rong Kla national park:

    Nice hotel close to Nakhon Thai:

    Country road on the way to Chiang Khan:

    6th sense to stop there? The owner of this coffee shop is a biker too:

    stamp of Chiang Khan:

    Along the Mekong river:

    Flowered curves close to Nakhon Phanom:

    During a coffee break somewhere between Sakon Nakhon and Kalasin I met a very nice thai biker (Boy) on his Tenere, of course we had a short chat and he advised me not to look for the guys toilet, as I wont find it. But see below what I found….
    well, I dared to use it.....

    Petchabun area, also know as thai swizerland, is really one of the most beautiful parts in Thailand, great for riding and sight seeing with beautiful roads and few traffic. I will be back there for sure!
  2. Nice report.

    Post next time you are planning another trip up North. I might try to join :)
  3. Very nice!! You did this 2-up on a Ninja 250? Respect!

    How is the road through Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park now? Last time I rode through there it was very very rough.

    Kudos for an excellent report!

  4. Well, I did the complete trip on my yellow cow. My friend with his Ninja returned to BKK after the Phu Hin Rong Kla National Park.
    I would never beleave such performance of a 250cc bike occupied with 2 persons if I not saw it with my own eyes. What an amazing experience!

    very rough.... lol.... yes, a nice description for that mix of still-partially-tarmac and nearly-offroad conditions. There a few vehicles but need to be very careful as some use the whole roadwidth in curves.
  5. Great report & the effort for a non native english speaker greatly appreciated.
    How good is that run through Phu Hin Rong Kla NP to find the absolutely mind-blowing setting of the Hmong Village at its end!
    Agree totally - a wonderful area in which to ride.
  6. I have been to that gas station (on the 213/12 between Kalasin and Somdet) and they do have a Men's Toilet, they just also have one for the "third sex" as well. My wife got a kick out of it as well, in fact she pointed it out to me. Nice trip report, thanks for sharing!
  7. Nice report and thanks for sharing.

    Had a quick look at your two pixs that are not showing properly.
    Both have the following format.
    [-url-] detail [-/url-] with no - had to put that in for it to display :)

    Needs to be


    You may have selected the wrong option in Photo Bucket.. Easy enough to do..



  8. the pics look much better now :thumbup:
    now I know what to check, next report should be fine obeying your advise.
    thank you Brian!
  9. Thats an epic trip. I`ve spent a bit of time around Seka and there`s a couple of things worth seeing there.

    Bueng Khong Long and Wat Phu Tok.

    Attached files 287313=14820--VLUU%20L730%20%20-%20Samsung%20L730-%20-%20SL372803%20(Large). 287313=14821--VLUU%20L730%20%20-%20Samsung%20L730-%20-%20SL372859%20(Large).
  10. So often I sit in front of screen with watering mouth when reading some reports..
    Planing a next rip already for this month and will try my best to improove my reports. I admire some of you for their phantastic pictures.
    Unfortunately there are not too many nice tours in HuaHin area, most nice destinations are located in north and northeast, so its always a long way, km-eating only.

    HEAVEN ! I will be back, can recommend it to all bikers

    very interesting thread, thank you for the hint
  11. Hi old boy, I think I know that bike.....bussi_herzchen.gif
  12. I guess you know the owner too ;-)
    boy, ok. but old??? hmmmm
  13. No - forever young a007.gif
  14. Hello Gerhard … if you worry about your English … just compare it to mine :) . I proposed to write my reports in French but friends preferred my bad English to this old diplomatic idiom. You will probably get the same answer if you propose Goethe's language. Like me, you probably also prefer the illustrations, they are widely understood.

    I am happy to see great pictures from Isan, a region that I also love. It deserves more photograps as it has a wealth of subjects to offer. They are not always obvious to localize, but rewarding once they are found.

    Thank you for keeping us aware of the region. I have collected pictures during several trips but, till now, had no occasion to do the writings.

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