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  1. gobs

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    Hi all,

    For the moment, BMW F650GS (mono - 650cc) seems to be popular on this "buy and sell" forum :wink:

    So just a tip if someone interested.
    I'm not the seller... but I know (and I saw and checked) two of them (Oct 2006 models) for sale in Chiang Mai at the same place . Not mint, but very good condition, though tyres and sprockets/chain have to be changed IMHO. Come with ABS and heated grips :shock:
    - One black, about 16000 km
    - One titan blue, about 12000 km

    Can be seen at the RUBY CAR RENTALS office in Saraphi, road N° 1317 (following the speedway Airport/Big C/Sankamphaeng/Mae On) on the left hand side going to Sankamphaeng. A litle bit difficult to notice at the first time: it's a block of town houses set back with a big pannel attached to the roofing and a hudge parking place in front of (but not finished)...

    You can contact (Miss) Khun Yao, the secretary at 0894325338. Thai speaking only...
    Very kind people here.


    PS: I'm not involved in any manner in these sales. Up to you to phone, check and eventually purchase!.. :wink:
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  3. Marco

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    I can say that they are very usefull if one ride during night time in november in North(like i did), f&@#k it's freezing and those grips would he really good in use that time LOL

    but have then for 1 ride for 10 yrs in night.....not really somethng i would invested
  4. gobs

    gobs Ol'Timer

    For sure Captain, heated grips for Thailand: :shock:

    But as I understood, they were full specs models/no choice when ordering at the moment... So bikes come with this...

    I agree Marco, for 1 time/10 years, no invest value!.. But bikes coming with, you have to get them...


  5. johngooding

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    When I bought my BMW R1200GS, the dealer told me that they brought in very few models, but loaded them up with options in case they were required. Also gave them a higher sales price and hence margin. Guess they did not really think about the use of heated grips, but I did use mine on the 650, going over Nam Nao early on a winter morning, misty and cold. The heated grips helped to dry the gloves.
  6. gobs

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    Sorry, I made a mistake...

    These F650GS are from Oct 2007 (not Oct 2006). The year 2550 is for 2007...

    Mmmmmmmh, next time I eat my rear tyre: yang lang tot aroy!


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