2 Blokes On A Bike Trip And Some Gopro Faffery!

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  1. It’s not been a bad couple of weeks for biking. The first, 2 weeks ago with a couple of mates to Sak aeo. And after a 3 night break in Hong Kong, another 2 day trip to Huay Kok Moo (Seung Pueng) onto Kanchanaburi and around Suphan Buri.

    We’d arranged our usual meeting point around Rama 5, but the heavens opened and disrupted our 5am start so we knocked it back a bit. After a few calls, text and a weather report, we decided to meet at 9:15, our usual meeting point that we’ve frequented, or so I though!
    Being the tardy person I am, I arrived at 9am just in case my colleague also arrived early. The rain had cleared and the sweltering sun had already broken through. I glanced at my phone - 20 past as I removed my jacket, helmet and gloves while looking for a nearby shop for some water. Nup, nothing around other than ‘The Walk’, a local shopping center. “Ain’t going in there” I thought. Stinking of vanilla as the sweat pisses down me. Apparently, some women like that particular natural smell on men. Much better than that sweaty urine smell as I whiffed myself under the neck of my shirt!

    I check the time on the phone just as it rang at 9:30 am. I’m about 100 meter past the roundabout where we normally meet, my mate said. Huh! Can’t be I’m already here. Maybe you have ridden past me. Hang on, I’ll ride down. So I ride about 1 km and he’s nowhere to be seen. So I give him a call and ask if there is anything that stand out such as the mass of DIY stores near our meeting point. No, can’t see anything but I am literally 100 meters or so where we meet just past the roundabout. Are you sure you’re not on the opposite side? No. he replies. OK. I’ll ride down a little further. 4km later and at the junction we need to leave he is nowhere to be seen. OK mate, best we meet at the junction as we need to go this way. Wherever you are, head to Phra Pin Klao junction, I am there.
    10 minutes later. I am here, sorry mate, I was in the wrong place. I pulled off before the roundabout, not after it. WTF!

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  2. truck.
    So off we ride, into the sun and Thailand’s finest tarmac dwellers. Splitting the odd car and truck with knackered suspension and slicks for a day out at Buriram circuit. After topping the tanks, we headed to Ratchaburi, stopping at our usual coffee stop in Sueng Peung. 10 minute prior, I’d been telling my mate his rear brake that I thought needed adjusting. I’d just rebuilt my brakes and expressed how much better they were before slamming, albeit slow, into the parking slab at Amazon as the ABS kicked in on the shiny concrete surface! After a beverage, and a conversation about books, immigration, racism and divorce, we headed on into the oncoming stormy cloud.
    Having just installed a new set of VeeRubber VRM-163 for a review, we took things easy. My mate had the same tires with 3000km of road use. The rain fell light and was equally as refreshing as my cold-lemon-tea. I don’t usually drink that poncy stuff but I’d just had 2 McDonalds cappuccinos an hour ago. We plowed on into the cooling rain which was enough so as not to totally drench you. In the distance we could see the broken rain clouds and the sunshine forcing its way through. Our first destination was Huay Kok Moo.

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  3. sceneic1.
    After a stop for water for the trip, we passed the scenic area of Swiss Valley Resort that carved through the hills and mountains. As we approached the road’s end we bared left knowing that right takes us to Krajom, another mountain we ventured. As we turned left, I couldn’t help notice the newly laid tarmac. Although I’d been down here before, I recognized none of it.
    Following the GPS, we reached a dirt road where it prompted us to turn right. As my friend pulled up, he stated we’d been here before with another colleague on his V-Strom, but I thought otherwise. After he displayed his wonderful memory, I couldn’t help but think about our damn meeting point – numerous times I might add, in the sweltering heat at 10,000 degree Celsius! Following the GPS, we headed to a dead-end where I suddenly remembered a 4x4 turning somewhere. Putting in 2 and 2 together, we headed back to that point.

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  4. huaystart.
    So we found the road which eventually turned into broken rocks, stones and gravel, and what looked like the start of an interesting climb. Although this climb wasn’t as steep as our previous venture to Khao Krajom, the surface of 1 inch gravel and dirt was much harder on the bikes. The VRM-163 tires were doing a stellar job!


    We continued on after stopping to adjust my bag, and as thought, we caught up with the little Suzuki 4x4 who took pictures of us on the way up. I guess they found it peculiar as to why we were standing on our bikes! We stopped near the top and had a quick chat with the 4x4 group who were really excited to see my ‘GoPo’ as they call it. I replied in Thai with how pants it was!

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  5. top2.
    We reached the top and and took a 30 minute break before heading back down. Just as we were saddling-up, the policeman who takes care of the area asked why
    we were going as we hadn’t seen the most scenic area which was behind us. All kitted up, we said we’ll check it next time as we need to head to Kanchanaburi before the heavens open again.
    Down we go!

    As we reached the bottom I could here a chaffing noise on the bike. Just before the trip I installed a new chain and has suspected it needed adjusting again.

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  6. freshtarmac.
    We head-on for about an hour and 30 minute passing some great scenery and equally impressive tarmac, If only for a short time before it is softened by the sun and chewed to pieces by trucks. We passed various beautiful scenic resorts that are empty 90% of the year. One can only assume it is some kind of tax dodge! We’ve covered about 350km thus far and we are both looking forward to reaching Kanchanaburi and Blue Star resort, our luxury stay for the night.
    We arrive both weary from our travel, and I am not alone in suffering from a painful derriere. As we reach reception as though donning a pair of John Wayne’s saddle bags, we hand over our license where we are handed the keys for our room in waiting. Both hungry, we take a quick shower, and head to the usual Australian bar for some food that we have frequented on our trips here. Oddly enough, the same punters looked as though they hadn’t moved from a few months ago.

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  7. Both knackered, we made short work of our burger and chips, and after 3 small bottles of beer, I was done. So was Luke after his diet coke!
    We walked back to our room chatting how tired we were while not trying to appear like light-weight boring bast**ds. “Shyte, I’m knackered mate, hope I sleep tonight” I said cautiously trying not to appear like a wuss. Fortunately, Luke gave up the bear a few years ago so if I’m not in the mood, it ain’t bad. Being a light drinker with a couple of other buddies who drink for dares, is a bit unnerving for me!

    So I get back to my room and there’s no wifi reception. I’m a little annoyed as I couldn't listen to my nightly radio. So I lie there looking down at my helmet wondering if I should polish it to pass the time before I sleep. I glance at it from across the room – as it is a large one, but I’m too lazy to reach it and fall soundly asleep. First full night’s sleep I’ve had in months.
    The following morning we left our room, and with no particular place to go, we just hit pot-luck on the GPS and headed in the direction of Suphan Buri. As we tore up the tarmac, we noticed a dirt track that ran at the side of a river/Khlong. We made a swift u-turn and headed to it.
    I quickly gave the VRM-163 a blast power-sliding around a few corners. They handled great and the stopping ability was equally impressive. After a minor splash that ruined the GoPro, we cut through a village before heading in the direction of home. Luke and I are quite impulsive and if we see something of interest we will check it out.
    Our route back involved a cut through a quarry with some great scenes upon the way.

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  8. 1-2.






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  9. IMG_1992.
    Finally, we headed home taking a couple of picture of a new temple near the quarry, already damaged as it happened. With just over an hour to Bangkok we stopped at another Amazon only to find it wasn't open yet. We settle for the little coffee hut and some noodles which were rather nice.

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  10. Sorry I missed this one.
    Quite an adventure.
    I need to re read to follow it all properly.
    Good stuff on the Versys again though.

    What was that brand of chain you put on that needed adjusting - not a copy DID one? I have bad experience with them.

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