2 Day for Chiangmai -> MHS -> Pai -> Chiangmai?

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  1. Hi,

    I have 3 days 2 nights in Chiangmai and wonder if the following itinerary is possible.

    Day 1: Ride from Chiangmai to Mae Hong Son. Overnight at Mae Hong Son.
    Day 2: Ride from Mae Hong Son to Pai. Break. Ride back to Chiangmai. Visit night market in Chiangmai. Overnight at Chiangmai.
    Day 3: Rest and relax in Chiangmai.

    Anybody able to give me an estimate of the number of hours required for section of the ride? Would a Baja 250 be sufficient?
  2. Reconns
    On another rush trip I see & fishing for more info.....how was your trip in Laos in Feb.
    http://board.gt-rider.com/topic.asp?TOP ... hichpage=2.
    I'd go to Pai first, then MHS & then a "long" ride back to Chiang Mai.
    Is there any chance of putting something back in....what happened to you in Laos?
  3. Hi David,

    I didn't manage to make it to Hongsa. I had a puncture in the tire on my first day and that delayed me a bit. I figured since I could only make it for the closing ceremony, I might as well to head straight to Luang Prabang. Well, there is always 2008. I'll make sure I get an earlier flight this time.

    I'm sorry that I didn't contribute as much as I should. I would like to put up a detailed trip report with instructions, photos and GPS waypoints. But I just never got around to finishing it. Some of my photos for the Laos trip can be seen at http://lamigos.com/ride/northern-laos-february-2007/ . I have also posted some photos of my Cambodia and Vietnam rides on that site. One of these days, I will try to post at least a summary trip report in the appropriate forums.

    Thanks for the advice on the Mae Hong Son loop. I will take another look at your MHS map again. I just managed to get hold of your 3rd Ed map yesterday.

  4. Yeah well you might want to put something back in / contribute something. It does not need to be a detailed trip report, just a summary is fine. Well there is always 2008....sounds a bit like a total cop out.
    I see that you managed to post 34 photos from your Laos trip after the flat tyre - a 4 or 5 day loop that went
    Vientiane -> Xayaboury -> Luang Prabang -> Nong Khiaw -> Xam Neua -> Phonsavan -> Vang Vieng -> Vientiane????

    Fair go reconns.If you want us to help you, please take the time to contribute. Not just be a user because you're in a rush.

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