2 new helmet camera vdo's from enduro ride

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    This is two small vdo's from our sunday ride. Hope you enjoy....
  2. Rudi - Once again you bring your ride experience to us and for me it is a pleasure to share your video.

    At the end of the first one, I worried for your health, I thought you had been decapitated but was happy to see the next video.

    Good to see George has another clutch to beat up and your 3rd partner is bring great riding action to the screen for us too.

    Well done Rudi great stuff !


    ps Now I will never have to pay that stupid Huay Tung Tao fee ever again!
  3. Ally,

    thanks for the reply - yes, we try to get better with the vdo staff, that also means the trip report become shorter. Next time I will try to fix the camera somwhere in front of the headlight.

  4. Hey, that is nice looking single track! Where is this? Could you possibly provide a Google Earth KMZ?

    Reason for asking is that a group of us mountain bike south of Doi Pla Klong and Doi Pui and that terrain looks familiar. Always on the look-out for more local true single track rather than dual tracks.
  5. idaho rider, firts video is from behind 700yr stadium over to huay tung tao. great singletrack. just watch out for us lunatics on dirtbikes!

    2nd track is from the back of huay tung tao heading north in the direction of mae rim. the best singletrack in the immediate area IMO!!!

    rudi i was on those very same tracks that day with ol' lek. good job we didnt bump/smash into you guys!

  6. HH, Thanks for that! I often ride from 700 yr stadium to Huay Tong Tao, but didn't know there was single track headed North from there. I expect that it starts beyond the forestry gate (the road that goes up to Doi Pui past the coffee shop up there). Will give a look for it.

    We often run into dirt bikers, but usually Thai riders from what we can tell! Thanks again for the scoop.
  7. Hey Luke,

    wow that's fun, same day same track. I love this track it's near and still a nice ride for the helmet camera. By the way, my girlfriend wants I keep the Africa Twin for now, so for the moment I won't be able to get the XR 650R. I'm quiet sure you;ll find a buyer soon.

    Idaho Rider,

    Luke was faster then me, I wouldn't be able to give better discription of that. Good Luck finding those tracks.
  8. Sax, the helmet cam video is good. I've been trying to video some of the single track we ride, but the camera on the handlebar hard-mount shakes too much. Helmet cam and an external recorder would be the key like you found. Here's a VDO I just put on Utoob of some of the biking.....

    Haven't tried putting it on the CBR yet, but that's next.
  9. Idaho Rider,

    I liked your vdo on youtube. I just found out about a neat camera for sports. Check out this link: . This might be the perfect solution.

    Cheers Rudi
  10. Sorry, I posted the wrong link it should be here:

    Nice little camera for all kind of staff.
  11. Looks pretty nice. I think the ultimate would be a display/recorder mounted on the handlebars (or even on your arm), a remote pencil camera you could mount anywhere on your helmet or bike, and a push-to-record button on the left grip. That way you could ride and just record whenever you wanted without stopping or thinking about anything but the trail. I know they are out there, but haven't seen an affordable one yet.

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