2 night vs 3 night MHS Loop

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  1. Yes, I know I would really need more time but...
    Due to the persons joining me, our time is limited....more than likely to 3 day/2 nights, but I'm trying to get one more day out of them....

    Which towns/villages do you recommend staying when traveling the MHS loop on a:

    3 day/2 night ride:

    4 day/3 night ride:
  2. For me 2 nights would be stop at MHS and Mae Sarieng.
    3 nights, as above but include Mae Chaem cas I like the place but it is pretty quiet.
  3. For the 2 nights, that's what I was thinking too.... and to avoid Pai, other than a fuel stop.

    How about clockwise vs counter-clockwise trip? Any recommendations there?

    How long of a drive from MHS to CM...or CM to MHS? about 7 hours? (we are casual riders, not racers).
  4. At a casual pace it could take 7 hours from Chiang Mai to MHS, also Cave Lodge makes a interesting stop on a 2/3 day MHS loop. When I last did a 3 day/ 2 night MHS loop with friends riding scooters, we found that staying at Cave Lodge and the Riverside in Mae Sarieng, split the daily riding up nicely well avoiding Pai.

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