2 super trips by boat in laos

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  1. Forget the mekong by boat thats a very boaring trip. Now we had 2 trips on the Nam Ou. 1 trip from Nong Kiaw to Muang Kouan and 1 trip from Phonsaly back to Muang Kouan. Both a great but the better is no 2. Pictures and more information soon. [8D]
    Havy rain in the last days in Udomxay and Phongsaly. [:(]

  2. Lucky my long trip finished today and its raining now in Vientiane also.....going back to CNX.

    Nam Ou Trip





    Terrible, on the way to Vieng Tong we saw kinds of this vehicle loaded with wood driving with more than 40 kmh down the hill. Coming soon 1 picture 1 woman with a nearly 3 month baby in the arm no brakes but very quickly on tour.

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  4. Mate,
    They villagers riding the wooden carts that you saw do not cash in Euros each month.

    Robert Davis
    Travel Writer

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