2 weeks around cambodia on honda 250 xr

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  1. We, 4 , rented the bikes at ANGKOR M.B in P.P. to Kampong Cham, Krate, Steung Trang, Cheom Ksan, Siem Reap, Battambang, Kaho Kong, Sihanoukville, Kampot, Kep, P.P. Total 1800 KM.
    We had every kind of roads and trails, all kinds of bridges and transportations. We drove with a tour map of 1:750000 and it was a great fun (blast) as you can see in the pictures.

    Attached files 267712=3219-CAMBODIA MAP.JPG 267712=3217-DSC09193%20(Medium). 267712=3213-DSC09197. 267712=3189-DSC09199. 267712=3206-DSC09218. 267712=3188-DSC09228. 267712=3200-DSC09241. 267712=3215-DSC09315. 267712=3207-DSC09320. 267712=3218-DSC09321. 267712=3210-DSC09327. 267712=3202-DSC09342. 267712=3191-DSC09367. 267712=3194-DSC09388. 267712=3203-DSC09424. 267712=3263-DSC09510. 267712=3264-DSC09511. 267712=3201-IMG_0091%20(Large). 267712=3192-IMG_0108%20(Large). 267712=3199-IMG_0315%20(Large). 267712=3205-SAM_0122. 267712=3214-SAM_0124. 267712=3216-SAM_0137. 267712=3204-SAM_0152. 267712=3212-SAM_0153. 267712=3208-SAM_0157. 267712=3197-SAM_0174%20(Medium). 267712=3193-SAM_0228. https://www.gt-rider.com/cms/wp-content/uploads/conve
    267712=3211-SAM_0237. 267712=3196-SAM_0240. 267712=3190-SAM_0245%20(Medium). 267712=3195-SAM_0254%20(Medium). 267712=3209-SAM_0261%20(Medium).
  2. Good stuff!
    Looks to be an exciting place to ride, much in the Laos style.
    I'll be over that way towards year end - the bikes you rented look pretty good, what was the story on renting?
  3. Hi
    no story at all. ANGKOR MOTOBIKES in P.P. Have asked for 20 $ per day and as we were 4 for 2 weeks we could lower the price.
    they have prepared them to the next day 10:00 morning and gave us for free the helmets, some spare parts and a tie for the bag.
    No license was asked. Beware in Siem reap and Sihanoukville from the trafic police . They stop you for no reason and it ends with some $ in their pockets.
  4. Looks like a great trip! We were there not 3 weeks ago, and had a blast, but only 5 days. I can see a 2-week trip easy. So much to see. Thanks for the pix!!

  5. Excellent photos, thanks for sharing this with us :)
    The photo of the itinerary on the map is very useful too: often people omit to put a map, especially the GT Riders that know the area by heart. I find it really excellent to have an idea of the route just by looking at the map photo.
    I have question about the roads you took: none of you seem to have bothered gearing up with protective gear, is it because you're all made of steel or you didn't want to bother with the weight ?
    Was it all mostly off road trails just like in the pictures ? Would you be able to share with us which are the portions of the itinerary that were asphalt roads, and which were not ?

    Thank you again, it's really important riders share reports of their rides after doing them, there is so much to learn from those who have been there done that :)
  6. Great photos ! Some really awsome bridge and river crossings .
  7. Looks like a fantastic ride and a lot of fun. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Hi
    I will start with a small story. After 2 weeks of riding, we took a day off with no ride, just rest in Kap (Kabb). afternoon i drove my bike uphill on 5 km/h (a anture reserve) to see the sunset.As i am sitting there

    268581=3535-DSC09497. waitting to sun set, there came by 3 motorcycle like ours, 2 are driven by 2 German young tourists an the 3'd one by a local guide they have hired fir the trip. They came that day all the way from Pnohm Pen , all on the paved road, fully dressed with all the protective gears you are talking about just to get here. Their guide was dressed with shirts, t-sirt and sandales and have told me they dont want to go off road....
    We have decided we are making a nice trip , not an extrim one. You can see on the photos how we are dressed and never forget the helmet, a must !
    Some of the roads we took were palned ahead, from most of them we were surprised.when you look at a 1:750000 map and see a thick red line along the Mekong river, you decide it will be nice to ride this road when the river is on your left side .Suppose to be a nice ride. In fact, the unpaved but good road, became a caw trail and for the next 4 hours you ride on that trail

    There are only 7 main roads (1 - 7) in Cambodia. They are developing now more and more, most of them are not yet paved. Our trip was 40 % paved and the rest is all kinds of not paved roads, as you can see.

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