2 x Yahama TTR/Raid 250cc FOR SALE - THB 35k

Nov 5, 2007
Great touring off-road bikes, same as former fleet used by Goodwill/Joes Bikes, 10 years old, good daily running condition, features as follows:

1. 250cc 4-stroke
2. Electric start (one has a kick start, other doesn't)
3. Extended range tank (500kms)
4. Large headlight
5. Fitted luggage rack
6. Lower saddle height suitable for shorter people

Regularly serviced by Joes Bikes (German mechanic).

I have two for sale in Chiang Mai: price range 33,000 to 37,000 (kickstart model).

Note! No registration papers (expect to pay double if you want a bike like this that's properly imported - I've never been stopped once in 5 years of riding unregistered bikes and anyway the fine is 400 baht, they have no right to confiscate an unregistered bike)

Contact Andrew ([email [email protected]][email protected][/email]) - verify yourself when my spamarrest replies to you. Or call 08 1764 5311.

Will sell to the best offer made by Christmas.
Sep 19, 2006
Hi Andrew,
Good to have you on the Board. Could you Post a Picture of them if Possible and Mileage etc on each of them. Or you can send direct to me if you haven't worked out how to do that yet. I may be interested in one for a Friend if they are in Good Condition.