20 year old it still running....Honda mtx 125/200 from Bangkok to Nakhonratsima

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  1. 20 year old it still running....Honda mtx 125/200 from Bangkok to Nakhonratsima

    [h=2]i saw @ Golden Oldies [/h]some member here have experience road trip with MTX 20 year ago here in Thailand

    it still have Thai member MTX club here. i will share photo from latest trip @ Nakhonratsima

    press F11 at your keyboard and let's go

  2. TTI_8034copycopy.



  3. TTI_8089copycopy.


    ~ONLY1 4 stroke with this trip hahaha


  4. TTI_8285copycopy.



  5. other 4 stroke 250cc XR XLR join up


  6. hello every one !!!!!


    and this is me ...... some member in this club brought MTX new when he still around 20 30 year old

    but i just use it around 2 year of course it secondhand




    if you have time and wanna have some project maybe you can try to rebuild an old friend MTX for some ride .....

    Thank for watching !!!!
  7. Very cool guys and all the bikes look like new. Not sure about the Hong Thong though!
  8. Well Done Guys! I thought the MTX was a Great Bike and never understood Why Honda never kept making them. They could have put the Phantom Engine in them as well so they had a 4-Stroke! In the Day that was Your only option for a Trail Bike before all the Big Bikes became available. Kawasaki have had the Monopoly for the last few Years but Honda will be Flying their Flag again next Month with the New CRF250, Can't wait!
  9. Hong Thong หงษ์ทอง it cheap but can drunk too :smile1:

    after MTX...... long time no see Honda enduro bike assembly here in Thailand .

    i would like to try CRF250L too..:-o

    this is new web for CRF250L club in Thailand.... it didn't have nothing much but in future when the bike have arrive maybe better
  10. Nice one. The MTX was the leading rental bike in North Thailand for many years, once upon a time.
    Maybe some guys have some MTX "Golden Oldies" photos to post.
  11. Beautifull Bikes. One of the best ever. Mine is 1986. I have driven it since 1989 and nothing but absolutely minor Problems have occured. Same Piston from 12.000 km until today at 73.000. I'm restoring these days with a new Engine and other things. But Spares is a Problem. Bike is uncommon here in Europe. Is there a supplier around Your place that is preisworthy and with a gut assortment?
  12. Absolutely fantastich Bikes. Mine is a 1986 125er. I'm fitting a brand new Engine but need other Spares. Where do You find these? Seems a Problem here in Europe. And how did You fit new rearwheels with Discs?
  13. I would like to know where can i get the wheels and swingarm like the green mtx125, with the atac engine head. I'm restoring my old 1988 honda mtx125r and i want to make it looks a little bit more modern :). Waiting for response. Regards from Portugal!
  14. I'm restoring a mtx125r and i would be very thankful to know where can we get wheels and swingarm like the green mtx125 shown on the photos! By the way, you've done a great job with your bikes, congratulations!

    Best Regards,
    Pedro Correia,
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  15. Yes David some of us do have back in the day photos of MTX doing good service – these are from Phuket c1980’s They did have a tendency to overheat but were a nice light bike. Had a few “offs” with my then gf (now wife) on the back which added to the fun. Rhiekel did a recent restore of a 125 with a new / recon 200 engine from Japan so he could be a good source of info. Without detracting from the MTX tried a couple of KMX200’s in Europe in the 1990’s and must say these were a definite step up - was much more stable esp two up.
  16. crpt93klj7qw95a0f.


    Old Bamboo Bridge near Chiang Rai.



    A lot of dust between Khun Yuam and Mae Chan



    Golden Triangel 1989 in this time there was nothing. Now is Disneyland....



    Visit the long necks in 1990 deep in the forest near Mae Hong Song



    The Road between Thathon and Doi Mae Salong.
  17. 1988 Much fun with MTX in Phuket. In this time Patong was quiet !!!






    Sawat Dirak Road....


    Praying in Wat Chalon.


    The road from Patong Beach to Katha Beach. 1988.
  18. Yes in my time,1982 to 1987, Patong was quiet, my previous post shows me with MTX at the Expat bar on what was then the strip, very low key. There were two dirt trails running out of Patong both interesting. North one had more big drops and steeper gradients. It had for a novice a big range for surfaces. One time stalled my MTX at night (missed gear change poss due to Klosters intake) and only in the morning did I realise how close I was to the steep drop to the sea. Southern one ran past the (new in '87?) Meridian to Katha beach your photo shows track more used than I recollect. When going north on it had a 90 degree up hill turn through a small stream after a slippery smoth rock outcrop section, caught me out a few times! Good times in pars due to the nice MTX125
  19. Wow those are some Old Photos from Patong! And How it has changed! Great Stuff! I got there in 1991 and the MTX was the only real Dirt Bike readily avalible at that time. I always wondered why they never made a similar Bike with the Phantom engine as there was No Competition and No Dirt Bikes avalible for many Years?

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