2001 BMW F650CS for sale - 400km south of Bangkok

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    I was very surprised when I visited the only "BIG BIKE" shop in my little village today to see a BMW for sale. There are a couple of Steeds, a couple of CBR400RRs and an older oil-cooled GSXR 1100, so a Bavarian Bike really stands out. It's the CS model, a funky-looking 650cc belt-driven urban assault vehicle. So I asked some questions. It's on consignment, the owner a farang. Seems like he's the third owner. Only around 10K km, I didn't check, though. Clean bike, the body looks great, the engine a bit worn, but okay for a 2001. The real surprise was the price: 240000 THB, which I think is low for a Beemer. So I whipped out my camera, took some pics and thought I'd pass it on to the gt-riders. If you're interested, write me an email, got the pics ready to go. Or maybe someone can post them for me, I'm dense when it comes to computers.

    [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
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    Sorry, forgot to mention that. Yes, it does have a book and plate. I was under the impression all BMW bikes come with registration.
    Found out that the CS is actually a bit more expensive than the popular GS.

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