2001 BMW F650GS 4800KM

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  1. -2001 red F650GS
    -Only 4800 km
    -100% genuine registration
    -New tyres
    -Located in Bangkok

    325,000 baht.
  2. you get competition

    in Bath & Sold there is 11mths old 650GS 1500Km and he quoted to me 380.000THB,,just to let u know if now one is intrested
  3. Can't he post his own for sale post? :roll:
  4. He is posting in B&S mate,, i just mention that u have cometition,,,

    he offered that to me in 380.000 and i said not intrested...,it's not in here and im sure he dnt even know Gt-Rider page,,,

    No need to be upset,it's sellers markets
  5. This is meant to be my for sale post is it not, it is not an auction room for every GS out there. :roll:
  6. I think if you look on previous for sale ads people tend now to add that they don't want a discussion on prices/value/rego/colour choice/etc. Unluckily you left yourself open, also you gotta remember for a lot of people on here their first language is not English leading to a few misconceptions. Also it is a forum. Good luck with your sale.
  7. Exactly, this is a forum, everybody can post his/her 2 cents, like it or not.
    Even an ad in the BKK Post could have "competition". Frankly I'd save 55K THB and take an older model...
    Good luck with the sale, I mean it. A picture helps.
  8. Hi friends,

    Marco, I suppose I know this ad (still on warranty for about one year, right?)... And as interested, I was near to ask for a buy/sell at 350 KB :roll:

    But, as now the F650GS is not more manufactured - 2008 was the last year, if I don't make a mistake. What was the price for a brand new one last year? About 550 KB, yes/no? I can't remember...
    I know this year the 650 GS, twin/800cc, is about 690 KB... But that's another story!

    I do like the 2 mufflers at the rear end of the F650GS :D

    I see in some european countries (Spain and some others) BMW re-introduces a F650GS mono model, with the black coloured X-Country engine made in China as a first step in their brand... and at a lower price than the preview one.
    Any luck we can get it in LOS a next time?

    These 2 BMW (650cc & 800cc) are, IMHO, just the good "medium" size (power, torque, weight and width) for dirty roads and tracks... Not too powered and not too heavy to handle...

    Well good luck for your sale, madjbs!

    As said KZ, some picture(s) may help...
  9. Gobs

    I think this what is on sale in B&S is 800cc model, not sure thou, but that dude was really rude n his reply(SwedishDanish i think)
    his reply was Quote " If i dont like his price dont contact me any more" end quote,, so now even he would offer that to me with 300K i would say No.

    Why i actually are intrested on GS is that it's nice easy commuter and i could drop by in Laos with out any doubbt as with my LT that is bit off limit specially for some minor off road sections.
  10. BMWF650GS.

    Here is a picture of the bike. I will be willing to consider sensible offers.

    Marco, you are right, the F650 makes a nice commuter bike. I use mine for commuting around Bangkok. To be honest, they are so good at that, that I am in two minds about selling it. I would like a more off-road orientated bike though, to play around on up-country.

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  11. Clean bike madjbs...

    Marco, the Danish's F650GS from B&S is the 650 one, not the 800cc...
    IMHO, better not to be rude as a seller: you never know what can happen next...
    And usualy in the second hand market, price is the first buyer's target. A fair price for a fair bike, and that's done! Sold in the moment...
    But if the seller wants to keep it as a "souvenir", well... no matter the price!

    Well, Marco said: "drop by in Laos with out any doubbt", that's exactly what I was thinking!


  12. OK, now we talking and we got a picture of it thanx Madjbs
    im sure it will be sold near future.

    ok, i was not sure abt if it's 650 or 800, but thanx for clearing it up.

    My only consern in 650 is that how it can handle big lad like me, supension wise, in 120Kg and when or if riding in rough terrain(what i would like to do) how well it handlles.

    Best luck for selling the bike Madjbs
  13. The F650 will handle that weight nicely, even with full panniers and all the other stuff people strap onto them for long hauls.

    If you want to ride it as a dirtbike, you will have it lay down once in a while.
    Stopping on a steep slope with gravel/light sand dust is not a good idea if you want to avoid that. The sheer weight of the bike, 196kg plus fuel and gear will be a challenge. That said, Ive been on some real crappy trails and pulled through without anything major other that a broken mirror, some minor scratches to the panels on the faux fairing and a broken side blinker. Oh yeah, banged a pannier too.

    The bike is a good allrounder, but if youre looking to ride shitty trails exclusively, get another type of bike.

    Im happy with mine which has been tourateched to the max, but will probably put it for sale later on in the year as I want a more dirt oriented bike, like a XR250 or 400.

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