2003 HONDA VTR250 4 sale in Hua Hin

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  1. Yes, I'm trying to sell my VTR250 to raise some cash for a new D-Tracker...

    Technical data:

    249cc 90-degree V-Twin
    watercooled, DOHC, 32hp @ 10500rpm
    140kg dry, 5 gears, top speed 150km/h
    bore/stroke 60 x 44.1mm, 11:1 compression
    less than 4L per 100km

    Very clean, original 7700km, new Dunlop GT501s, custom stainless steel exhaust with baffle, small windscreen. No registration but have complete invoice papers.

    Asking 85000 THB.

    Send me an email if you're interested, I'll send you high quality picures. [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. if you can get half of it ,be happy!!!!
    I bought one 2 years ago with rego for 85000 !!!
    Right now in chiang mai , i know 2 VTR for sale at max 45K without paper !!!
  3. I know, the price is high, the reason is I don't really want to sell it. I love that bike and am very happy with it, but if someone gives me close to 85K for it, I'll sell it, of course.
    I've had a 2002 model, bought it for 50K and fortunately sold it for 50K soon after - it had been around the block, repainted, no tabien, either. The bikes in Chiang Mai you talk probably fall into that category.
    This red bike is all original and runs and feels like new.
    I probably gonna keep it and finance the D-Tracker.

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