2003 Suzuki RM250

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  1. mussen

    mussen Ol'Timer

    Bike is up in Khon Kaen, I'm in BKK, I'll likely be going up to Khon Kaen next week and bringing the bike back to BKK to give it a clean up before I sell it as I haven't ridden it for a while. Suppose I could meet anyone interested in Khon Kaen if that's easier for you. 80,000baht.

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  3. mudboots

    mudboots Ol'Timer

    Bargain price if i had the spare cash i would take it off your hands.
  4. mussen

    mussen Ol'Timer

    I've still got this bike for sale, it is in Khon Kaen, I also have a TTR250 for sale in Khon Kaen. Both need to sell ASAP. I also have a 125cc Honda Wave in BKK, approx. 5 years old, that I want to sell ASAP. I'll get some proper pics done tomorrow, anyone interested please message me. Brett

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