2004 Honda CRF450R Supermoto Street Legal with Green Book - Bt295,000 Neg.

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  1. rideinthai

    rideinthai Active Member

    I have owned this bike for almost 2 years and absolutely love it!! But just as I got it all modified as a nice Supermoto, I was told I had to return to my home country for work. So, unfortunately she is up for sale.


    2004 Honda CRF450R Supermoto (with Auto-clutch)
    100% legal, Up-to-date Green Book in my name, Tax paid until early 2015.
    Absolutely no problems transferring name to local or foreigner, in BKK or another province.

    I 'oversaw' the conversion to Supermoto and bought all the parts, but Dirtshop did the majority of the work, along with smaller things myself and also a local shop. Since I have had it road-legal I have only put on about 500kms and always change the engine oil and clean filter at 400kms and do trans-oil (full quart) every other change. I use Castrol oils.

    Modifications (all purchased new):

    Kibblewhite Stainless Steel Valve and spring kit
    Rekluse Core EXP 2.0 Automatic Clutch System
    Replaced Cylinder (with a used one)
    Moose racing full carby rebuild kit (new jets)
    ProFilter stainless steel oil filter and cover
    Replaced Air Filter and have a spare and oil etc.

    Wheels etc:
    17" US Racing Boy rims (3.5 and 4.25)
    EBC 320mm front rotor and adapter plate
    Pirelli Diablo Rosso II tyres
    DID X-Ring chain, new front and rear sprockets (14/42)
    Goodrige braided stell brake lines
    TRX450 Front master cylinder (brake-light switch)
    Chain rollers/sliders front and back

    TrailTech 70W stator kit
    TrailTech Vapor Display Panel
    Modified airbox to include battery
    CRF250M Front light and front indicators
    CRF250M Handlebar switches
    Aftermarket LED rear tail-light/indicator/numberplate bracket

    Acerbis Black Plastics Kit
    Acerbis Supermoto Font fender
    Hammerhead case saver and gear-shift lever
    CRF250 Ignition Key
    CRF250 Radiator fan X 2 (only have one currently installed)
    TrailTech Kickstand

    It looks pretty similar to a CRF250M, but performs nothing like it and requires frequent minor maintenance, ideally by the owner. It is a monster on the street and I'd be surprised if there was another one legally on the road in Thailand. These bikes kill almost anything up to about 100 kms/hr. The only main thing I haven't gotten to is suspension, where I was planning on getting new springs and seals etc. and having it set up for my weight.

    Call for more info about the bike.
    091 752 4770

    Price: Bt295,000 (Negotiable)

    As you'd imagine, I have put a lot of time and cash into this bike, but the price is still negotiable. Also, if there is no reasonable interest then I will likely just export it back to my home country, so apologies but no low-ball offers please.

    Thanks for viewing the Ad.







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  3. TonyBKK

    TonyBKK Ol'Timer

    Wow, a plated CRF450R! That is super rare here! Do you still have all the dirt bits? Best of luck with the sale! :happy2:
  4. rideinthai

    rideinthai Active Member

    Unfortunately I only have the rear off-road rim, as front rim was cracked. I may have the front disk, but am using the original hubs on the street wheels. I have most of the other parts that were swapped out like the clutch, brake master, plastics etc.

    Thanks for the comments Tony - she is a rare beauty and not everyone's cup of tea so I'm hoping I can find her a good home!
  5. LivinLOS

    LivinLOS Ol'Timer

    WOW.. I just bought the same bike without as plate.. Never seen one plated here..
  6. rideinthai

    rideinthai Active Member

    Nice one, they are monsters, aren't they! How are you liking yours?

    They seem to be rare as hens teeth with green books over here, or anywhere really - which is why I jumped on it. Although that probably works the other way around when selling because there aren't that many people keen for a 450cc MX-bike in street legal form...lol.

    Anyway, I'll see how I go selling locally and maybe think about exporting if I don't get any interest.

    Good luck with your CRF and make sure you take good care of her!
  7. rideinthai

    rideinthai Active Member

    I should also mention that I am in Sathorn, Bangkok for those interested in a viewing.
  8. rideinthai

    rideinthai Active Member

    Price drop --> Bt. 250,000
    Open to reasonable offers.

    I've only had a couple of genuine inquiries, and it looks like exporting it is becoming less practical day by day.
    The thing really is a beast and I'd love it to go to someone who could appreciate the ride!
  9. rideinthai

    rideinthai Active Member

    **** Price Drop - BT. 220,000 ****

    Had a couple of buyers pull out unfortunately - but that's the way she goes I guess!

    Still hoping to find a good home for her, especially for someone who understands SM/Enduro/MX bikes, as it is a race bike.

    Open to reasonable offers.

    Please contact via a message this site, or timboundy at gmail dot com as I am currently out of Thailand.
    (The bike can still be viewed in the Sathorn area, and all the documents are prepared and ready.)

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