2004 Yamaha XJR 1300 cc - 227,000

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  1. 227,000 baht - 2004 model


    Registered w/green book. 35K km with great service history. Runs extremely well. Sounds unbelievable! Brand new spray job.Yoshimura exhaust.Titanium pipes all through.Olins adjustable suspension.Brand new rear battlax hyperport tires.Includes saddle bags + tank bag + 100% brand new suomi Troy Bayliss helmet + touring screen + protective touring pants (all padding). Awesome touring bike, comfy seat.12 hrs in the saddle not a bother. Upgrading to 2009 FZ1.

    Worth 270k with extras!

    I will be in Khon Kaen around 17th - 19th Jan and Chiang Mai after that if anyone is interested in seeing it in person. Please email me to arrange viewing.













  2. I can guarantee it goes like hell and sound's awsome,,,
    And it's a geourgeus looking bike.

    You wanna good bike,, then this is your's,,dont even think abt twice..
  3. NakedAir a great example of a XJR very nice, I recently brought a bike unfortunately but those saddle bags really interest me for my 2001 Fazer (22,000K ) can I ask you for details to buy a set. Would like to see your bike when you come to Chiang Mai I am close to town. Ken F
  4. Having ridden with Trent, I can confirm that the bike is great mechanically, and cosmetically, sound 'awesome', but not quite my refined taste,,,, however it seems to have the right effect on the ladies,,,,,
  5. I've ridden with the guy too & I can assure you this is a great deal for someone.
  6. Great looking bike!
  7. He certainly seems to have a massive marketing campaign going!
  8. Nothing underhand here, he is just a fun guy to ride with, I and some of the other posters only met him recently on our December Chiang Mai trips, but we have all seen and heard the bike and it is in impressive condition.
    (Trent please make another small deposit in the usual bank account) :D :D
  9. Thanx for the awesome following of this bike...

    Its nearly sold... just working on final details and deposit ect ect

    I cant believe im selling my baby :cry: She was the best bike i ever owned
  10. Hey Nakedair do you have a website or info were I can get a set of those saddle bags ?
    I wouldn't cry too much - when you ride the new FZ1 it will be like trading your 50 yr old G/F for a 23 yr old G/F - Isn't life great.
  11. The saddle bags, protective gear is still for sale. Ive decided to keep the helmet for track riding and the tank bag was snapped up by the new buyer also.

    I purchased the saddle bags around 1 1/2 months ago for 8500 baht and i want to sell them for 6000 baht. they comes with rain protection and are still in perfect condition.

    my famous knee protectors + thigh protectors + hip protectors are also for sale (known as my tights on certain tours). they are ideal for day trips, basically they are a single pair of "tights" with quality protective pads inside them and can be worn above your boxer shorts and under your jeans. They are washable and comfortable for riding, walking and pub brawling. If you fall off they offer great protection and are a good investment. Im selling them because i have opted for full leathers for track use and 2 piece leathers for urban street wear. Own my tights for just 5000 baht.. purchased from Paddock for 7500 baht 1 1/2 months ago.
  12. this is a scam.reg with grey green book
  13. Hey d#*khead what are you talking about? Have you even seen my greenbook? No... So don't throw your accusations my way unless you have proof
  14. Trent

    Look his previous posts and latest one,,,not very much sense on his replyes,,also,, on the lastest post,,Just got bike and selling it already wiht in Mth??

    Also where in thai you can buy new bike and get papers and green book same day?? that sound's fishy or what> :lol:
    Some one,whom i would use baseball bat :wink:
  15. if i ever meet this guy in person i will use him as a speed hump !

    what a tool

    thanx for the reply Marco!
  16. Congrats Trent!

    The T-rex was classic!
    But you're going to LOVE the new FZ6! Much better suited to your style of riding.

    Selling your used tights?!?! What's up with dat?! boff.gif
  17. yes regretfully selling my tighs also

    almost new, soiled only once!

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