2005 Honda Phantom 200cc - Award Winning Bike - Asking only 45,000 baht

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  1. Award winning Honda Phantom For Sale 45,000 baht or best offer.

    Selling my best friend… my 2005 (2548) Honda Phantom 200 CC.

    NEW rear tire, New brakes from and back, New chain sprocket, and oil has been
    changed every month since I have owned the bike which has been since 2007.

    It won 3[sup]rd[/sup] prize for best bike in 2011 and 1[sup]st[/sup] prize for best bike in 2010.

    Purchased the for 78,000 baht and selling for 45,000 baht or best offer.

    Includes side bags, custom rear bar, custom passenger seat backrest.

    Has really LOUD Pipes which makes for much safer driving in Thailand.

    Other drivers can hear you coming and get out of your way.

    Great thing about this bike is the LOW maintance costs.

    150 baht for oil change, less than 300 baht for brakes, 200 baht for sprocket.

    Green book is in Chiang Mai.

    We have rode all over Thailand with this bike with great success… Chiang Mai to Pattaya and Cambodia, CM to Loas, CM to Burma.

    Purchased with 7500 km and it now has 77,000 km.

    Reason for selling – returning to home country for extended period of time and don’t want the bike just sitting here.

    Price 45,000 baht or best offer.

    To view Photos go to:

    Dropbox - Error

    This is the Black Cruiser Bike with Bags.

    Call Roger at 087-579-0314 or email me at [email protected]
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