2005 Silverwing 400 manuals


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Oct 16, 2009
Hi guys ( & Gals ? )

I'm a Brit,semi-retired in Thailand. I've just bought a 2005 Silverwing 400. I would like to get a copy of the Users Manual and a relevant Workshop Manual. My local Honda dealer back in the U.K. tells me that they're no longer available from the manufacturer. I've tried the internet, without much luck; I've also tried eBay, but can find nothing listeed at the moment.

Looking at copies of the paperwork that I have, there are two numbers :- MC16-1008708 & NFO1E-1000799 which I presume are chassis and engine numbers respectively ( or vice-versa ~ I can't read Thai ! ). I presume the model number is FJS400, though I would appreciate confirmation of this.

Does anyone have a contact where I might be able to get these manuals ? failing that, does anyone have the appropriate manuals that they would be prepared to scan and Email, please? Presumably, if these publications are no longer available, there shouldn't be a copyright issue.

Basically, any help that anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.


Steve ( a.k.a. Proffesor )


Oct 17, 2006
I'm riding a 600 Silverwing but my manual is in German, workshop book too, dont know if the 400 is very different, if not ,I might help with very specific questions.

This specific forum might help too, however agaib focused on the 600. Think there is a sperate section on instr. manuals


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