2006 FZ1 2008 R1 for sale 2005 DZR 400SM SOLD

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  1. DRZ has been sold.
    R1 reduced to 410,000 and FZ1 reduced to 320,000

    The R1 is a 2008 model with no modifications. Original Yamaha Blue colour. I am the original owner so the bike has never been thrashed or dropped. Around 3000 kilometers and is in as new condition. Has green book. License plate number 46.
    Price 500,000.

    The FZ1 is a 2006 model. Original Yamaha red colour. I am the original owner so the bike has never been thrashed or dropped.
    Two modifications include an Acropovic slip on exhuast and braided brake lines. A brand new rear rack for a top box is available.
    The bike has done about 5000 kilometers and is in very good condition. Has a green book and plate number 46.
    Price 400,000

    The DZR400SM is a 2005 model. Original Suzuki Black colour. It is completely stock. No green book.
    Price 140,000
    I also have a 2008 WR450 if any one is interested or looking. I am the original owner and the bike is in as new condition. I havent thought about a price but if anyone is interested please contact me to discuss what it is worth. The bike does not have a green book

    My email address. [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]
  2. Brian. I take it that the bikes are registered in different provinces. Thats why they are both 46.
    Out of my price range. But good luck with the sales.
  3. I have a 2009 CBR1000RR that also has number 46 on the plate. All the bikes i own were purchased in Bangkok. Each time I purchase a bike I request that the number be, 46.
    I do not know how to read Thai nor do I understand the registration system such as you saying the bikes are registered in different provinces.
    I shall ask John Gooding to read my registration and inform me what is what.

    I am in no hurry to sell the bikes. The reason I am selling is because some of the bikes get little use and I want to replace some of them with newer models. I also want to buy a 2010 model, Ducati Multi Strada. I shall also ask for number 46 on the Ducati. That should get a reaction from some Ducati lovers.
    Another reason to sell is because my work shop is so crowded with bikes and other equipment that it has forced me to extend it.
  4. Sorry Brian.I realised as son as i posted that the Thai also have letters in the front as well. Still its kept your ad at the top of the pile. Good luck :smile1:
  5. For those interested. Brians 2 plated bikes, the R1 and the FZ1 are registered with Bangkok plates. As ThaiCBR says there are a couple of letters before the numbers, so there may be a large number of 46 plates available.
  6. 46... why didn't I think of that, genius :) OK so I didn't even know you can request numbers...

    Awesome bikes!
  7. Beautiful, Beautiful bikes. as a guideline what kind of figures were you looking at for the WR450, feel free to pm me. cheers.

    P.S and although i cant afford it, how about some pictures of that CBR1000RR for us to admire and drool over.
  8. As I am 'taking care' of the bike for Brian at the moment, here is one pic in my garage, and one out this morning with Khon Kaen rider. Brian does not like the colour scheme and has purchased all new white and black fairing panels. I have those with me and my task is to fit it out before he returns from his current work spell. With his permission I will post a couple of pics when it is finished.
  9. Having posted the above pics, I gave the bike a wash and got to work stripping of its old clothes. Not so easy as Honda build a lot into these fairing panels.
    Eg Front headlights and nose fairing
    Side Fairings
    So here is the bike naked.
    Now that was not too difficult. Getting the panels stripped and then rebuilt into the white ones and putting it all together. mmmm, may take a while.
  10. Dirthonk
    I shall PM you to talk about the WR

    I have two CBR1000RR. One in Singapore and one in Thailand. The Singapore Blade is extensively modified as I use it for tracks days every two weeks.
    The Singapore Blade has BST carbon fiber wheels, Bazzaz ECU with TC and quick shift. Full racing Akropovic exhaust. It has HRC cams and throttle bodies, sprockets and chain are 520 racing. Gearing is two teeth up on the back. It is fitted with all R&G and Rizoma accessory gear like rear sets etc.
    While I am in Russia my work shop friend in Singapore is fitted racing Ohlin’s forks and shock. By the way, I would recommend this guy to anyone. He is brilliant. A Malaysian Singaporean who rides a GS1150 on many group trips to Thailand from Singapore. Brilliant mechanic.
    In the two years I have had the Singapore Blade I have used 2 sets of Pirelli Diablo Corsa SP tyres but tried the Michelin power one tyres and I was very impressed with them and will continue to use them. They only last about 4 track days. I am on my second set now.
    The one in the attached photo has only done about 500 kilometers.
    It’s a beast of a bike however I can only use it for 6 months a year as I work in Russia for the other 6 months.
    I love the Black and White so I purchased all the panels in Singapore and carried them home in my suit cases !!!!!
    In exchange for using my Thai Blade John Gooding is helping me by changing the fairing panels.
    Thanks John. The bike sure looks ugly undressed.
    I only have a few photos of the Black and white blade just after I purchased it.
    I will try to post some more recent photos of the Singapore bike with all the goodies fitted.
  11. Please note the following update:

    DRZ has been sold.
    R1 reduced to 410,000 and FZ1 reduced to 320,000
    Limited time to buy these bikes at such great prices, before they go to Bangkok for sale
  12. a couple of questions about the R1 on your pm Brian.
  13. FZ1 still for sale?
    How much is she now !?
  14. Yes the FZ1 is still for sale. Please email me to talk about the price. [email protected]

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