2006 Honda XR250 Tornado

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  1. For sale, 2006 Honda XR250 Tornado. 140,000 baht (with invoice, no green book). In Bangkok.

    6 speed, 4 valve OHC, air cooled, electric start. Digital speedo with dual trip computers, side stand warning light, hi/lo beam indicator. Rear passenger grab handles/luggage tie downs. Rear tool kit holder. Helmet lock. Full lighting system/ indicators, ready to register should you desire.

    Rear wheels is a 18 x 2.15 (Dunlop D604 120/80 tyre)
    Front wheel is a 21 x 1.6 (Dunlop D604 3.6 x 21 tyre)

    Very tidy light weight bike with comfortable seat. Please note the pics below are not the bike that is for sale, but it is the same color and year/model, should any serious buyer want pics of the bike, please PM me and I can email them to you.

    http://w2.bikepics.com/pics/2007/01/15/ ... 6-full.jpg

    http://w2.bikepics.com/pics/2007/01/15/ ... 4-full.jpg
  2. Hi merkamouse, is this a DOHC 4 valve engine? I've never seen one before, only the SOHC 2 valve version. How does it perform?
  3. I've googled both bikes and it looks like the Tornado has a somewhat detuned engine. I know one can't judge a bike just by looking at numbers, but here they are anyways:
    XR250L: 28hp @ 8000 rpm; 25 Nm @ 7000 rpm
    Tornado: 23.3 hp @7500 rpm; 23.75 Nm @ 6000 rpm.
    Compression is the same at 9.3:1.
  4. Hi
    The Tornado was made for the South America market, if you look you will see it has drum brake rear, should be a good bike.
  5. Hi KZ, yes it's a twin cam, 4 valve, they run great, very nice clean 250.

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