2006Yamaha FZ1 S for sale


May 6, 2009
2006 Yamaha FZ1 for sale. Less than 3,000 kilometers. Has Akropovic slip on and braided brake lines. New battery fitted one month ago.
Original exhaust avalaible

The bike is in excelent condition.

450,000 Baht


Contact Brian Marshall [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]


Sep 4, 2007
David, I can answer that one as Brian is a mate who lives halfway between Udon and Khon Kaen.
He has an R1, the FZ1, they were bought new and are registered with book etc. He also has a couple of Trailies, they are Yamaha 450 cc machines, maybe he will tell you the model no's.
He and his son have done a fair bit of track racing in Australia.
He is a very busy man spending a lot of his time working abroad and we do not get much time to ride together, but I know he bought a Honda CBr1000rr for his riding while working in Singapore.
Over to you Brian to fill in all the gaps


Oct 15, 2006
Khuang Nai
Fantastic looking bike, if i would have cash i would buy it,, i need smaller bike for commuting,, well godda wait for better economy


May 6, 2009
My sincere apologies for the late reply. I am working in Sakhalin, Russia and I don't get much time to check the internet other than for work. I just returned to Thailand for another short break and I only just checked the web site today (8th).
Thanks John for your help in providing the information that has covered most of what I have in the way of bikes.
To answer your question Dave. I have 7 bikes in Thailand. 1 in Singapore, 5 in Australia.
Most of my riding is done at track days in Malaysia and also on the rare occasions when I go to Australia. For Thailand, it is around the northeastern areas near Udon Thani / Khon Kean.
I live in a small village half way between Khon Kean and Udon Thani. I am away from Thailand more than I am home so I don't have any riding mates other than John Gooding and I mostly ride alone in Thailand because my trips back to Thailand are usually at very short notice and I am usually home for only a couple of weeks at a time. I have ridden with John Gooding a few times when I was lucky enough to come home when he was going on a ride.
I am a real bike “enthusiast” or maybe a better word is “nut”
I raced bikes from my teenage years on closed street circuits and dedicated road-racing circuits around Australia. My son also raced in the Australian championships from his 17th birthday.
I dabbled in speed way riding and did a lot of natural terrain endure events starting in my 30’s.
I tried moto cross or scrambles as they were called those days but was never fit enough to last a full race.
In Thailand I have a 2008 Yamaha R1, the FZ1 I have for sale. I have just purchased a new CBR1000RR from Red Baron Bangkok. A 2008 YZF450, a 2008 WR 450, a 2009 CRF450R and a DRZ400RM Suzuki.
I take two of the bikes for a blast every day round my area. Especially the off road bikes. I fill the tank and do about 50 kilometer loop around my home. The road bikes I just take for a 30 minute ride to keep all the bearings moving and oil circulated but I do sometimes ride to Khon Kean or Udon Thani to buy something. That gives me a 180 kilometer round trip ride if I take the winding back roads.
You may wonder why I have so many bikes. One reason is my passion, I love bikes, but another more sensible reason is because my son and my son in law come to Thailand for holidays and they love to ride both dirt and road bikes. Money is not an issue as I can afford the bikes
In Singapore, I have a 2008 CBR1000RR. I use this bike at the Pasir Gudang circuit in Malaysia when I am working in Singapore. I really enjoy these days and it is the only place that a bike like the CBR1000RR can be used properly. The bike is extensively modified so it has quite a bit more power than stock. It is a nice feeling to use all the side of a soft racing tyre and touch a knee down. I never ride like that on the roads.
In Australia, I have a 2002 Honda SP1, a 2005 CRF450X, 2 x 1885 NS400R that I used to race and another CBR1000RR that my son uses.
I am self employed in the oil industry and in the near future I will stop working away and employ someone to take my place therefore once that is done I will be home in Thailand permanently so I can begin to ride more and hopefully with groups.
I want to sell the FZ1 and the Suzuki because I want to buy a new BMW GS 1200 so I can do some long distance touring
I have a fully equiped work shop at my home and do ALL my own servicing.

I don't write much to forums so I hope this long winded post is not off topic and breaking any rules.