2007 SBK Superbikes

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  1. The 2007 season gets under way on Saturday Feb 24, yep that’s right only 11 days away!
    First race is in Qatar at the Losail circuit.
    In Chiang Mai I note from the local cable WETV that the one of the South African Super sports channels, is scheduled to telecast it live, so that should be a good enough reason to get together for a bit of a wind up session of drinking & cheering.

    February 24 * Qatar Doha/Losail
    March 4 Australia Phillip Island
    April 1 Europe Donington Park
    April 15 Spain Valencia
    April 29 Netherlands Assen
    May13 Italy Monza
    May 27 Great-Britain Silverstone
    June 17 San Marino Misano
    July 22 Czech Republic Brno
    August 5 Great-Britain Brands Hatch
    September 9 Germany Eurospeedway Lausitz
    September 30 Italy Vallelunga
    October 7 France Magny-Cours

    #21 Troy Bayliss AUS Ducati 999F07 Ducati Xerox Team
    #57 Lorenzo Lanzi ITA Ducati 999F07 Ducati Xerox Team
    #41 Noriyuki Haga JPN Yamaha YZF R1 Yamaha Motor Italia
    #11 Troy Corser AUS Yamaha YZF R1 Yamaha Motor Italia
    #3 Max Biaggi ITA Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K7 Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra
    #71 Yukio Kagayama JPN Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K7 Team Alstare Suzuki Corona Extra
    #52 James Toseland GBR Honda CBR 1000RR Hannspree Ten Kate Honda Team
    #44 Roberto Rolfo ITA Honda CBR 1000RR Hannspree Ten Kate Honda Team
    #55 Regis Laconi FRA Kawasaki ZX 10R Kawasaki PSG-1 Corse
    #10 Fonsi Nieto ESP Kawasaki ZX 10R Kawasaki PSG-1 Corse
    #84 Michel Fabrizio ITA Honda CBR 1000RR D.F.X. Corse
    #99 Steve Martin AUS Honda CBR 1000RR D.F.X. Corse
    #38 Shinichi Nakatomi JPN Yamaha YZF R1 Team Yamaha YZF
    #111 Ruben Xaus ESP Ducati 999F06 Team Sterilgarda
    396 Jakub Smrz CZE Ducati 999F05 Team Caracchi Ducati SC
    #42 Dean Ellison GBR Ducati 999RS Team Pedercini
    #53 Alessandro Polita ITA Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K6 Celani Team Suzuki Italia
    #31 Karl Muggeridge AUS Honda CBR 1000RR Alto Evolution Honda
    #75 Joshua Brookes AUS Honda CBR 1000RR Alto Evolution Honda
    #76 Max Neukirchner GER Suzuki GSX-R 1000 K6 Suzuki Germany
    #73 Christian Zaiser AUT MV Agusta LBR Racing Team
    #36 Jiri Drazdak CZE Yamaha YZF R1 Yamaha Jr Pro SBK Racing
  2. If you watch Engine Block tonite there is a bit on Rossi and new bike

    Tuesday 13th Feb
    UBC Star Sports
    Channel 66
  3. Where can I watch SBK live in CNX and how do I find out times?
  4. JohhnyE

    If you just stay tuned to this thread, times and venue will be posted later...

    The guys have a few pubs in Chiang Mai where they meet and watch the races


  5. I Thought SBK was Superbike ( Production based) and Moto GP is the bespoke racers, or am I confused?.( Back in LOS 22nd Feb but planning a 1 month Cambodia tour so no CM, David did you meet up with a guy on from England called Jake on a KTM who has ridden U.K. to Thailand and transited China this year? www.slowbikes.com ?)
  6. Hi JJ.CM

    David currently in Laos so he may take a while to answer.

    we all met Jake at the Horizons Unlimited meeting up in Chiang Mai, he gave some really interesting stories about his trip, and we now have seen video of him trashing his first KTM.

    also have a young Thai lady visiting me right now and she happened to just show me Jake's card. SO JAKE IF YOU ARE READING THIS THREAD, PAI FROM PHUKET DOWN BY THE PIER SAYS TO SAY HI

    Jake came thru Phuket around Feb 6th on his way to Malaysia then hope to go on to Australia
  7. JJ.CM,

    You're not confused but spot on regarding SBK & MotoGP. I used to be nuts on SBK in the "Foggy years" but it seems to have lost it's flavour over the past few and combined with the abslutely dynamite racing from Rossi & co, MotoGP definitely has been ringing my bell for the last few years. Would be good to know where we can watch SBK (or should I say WSB)as if it's on WETV then not so many libation lounges have that as most go with UBC. Can anyone advise?

    Jake! Yep, we met him - right ol' geezer, all round good guy and bollocks the size of footballs for coming here solo from the UK. His mate Bill was a decent bloke too. Just had a quick squint at Slowbikes and feck me, different class to nobbers like me! Take me hat off.....


  8. Guys,still waiting to hear where and what times to watch SBK live in CNX?
    First round is on Sat 24th?
  9. It will be either UN Irish Pub or The Downunder.
    Just have to check the time & which venue will have it on.
  10. Have just searched UBC TV magazine, up to March 21st and no WSB to be televised anywhere

    Bit of a pain, wonder if UBC have the okay to telivise it this season
  11. UBC have not had SBK live for two or three years. At best you get 30 minute hightlights the following week at 5.00am.
    If you like soccer you can get it 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
  12. Its not on at the Dowunder.
    Waiting for news from the UN Irish today.
    It should be on one of the South African sports channels, but at my house that channel is no longer on cable WETV, so we hope that the UN Irish can still pick it up on their dish. It looks like it could also be on a Eurosport channel, depending on where you are.
  13. Well let's twist Sandy's arm but unfortunately if there's Rugby on that's what he'll have!
  14. Sandy's got 3 goggle boxes.
    Lets ask for the small one in the back bar upstairs.
    Could not see any promo for it today on the SASS channel, but they were advertising next months' MotoGP & SBK. So maybe it is on. I will just turn up at the UN Irish at 3pm & see if & what they can pick up.
  15. Nah didn't see the race in the end because super14s rugby was on the supersport channel one. but they did advertise next month's sbk rcaes, so should be ok.
    i think that the problem yesterday was that the race was on saturday & clashed with the rugby so the sbk lost out in the telecast stakes.
  16. Just watching the old goggle box again & the South African Supersports Channel 2 advertises live SBK from Oz (Phillip Island) this weekend.

    According to their program

    02:45 FIM Superbike World Championship. Duration: 01:25
    Coverage of the 2007 FIM Superbike World Championship - Australian Race 1 from Phillip Island -

    04:10 FIM Superbike World Championship. Duration: 01:10
    Coverage of the 2007 FIM Superbike World Championship - Australian SuperSport from Phillip Island - Australia.

    05:20 FIM Superbike World Championship. Duration: 01:40
    Coverage of the 2007 FIM Superbike World Championship - Australian Race 1 from Phillip

    Now to check at the UN Irish if this is one of the channels that they have, & if they will show the races for us.
  17. David,

    If they are showing it, can you confirm what times in Thai? From my memory of attending live events in Europe, WSB race 1 always starts at midday local time and race 2 at 3pm. Given that it's coming from Oz, that would make it 8am and 11am Thai time sunday right?


  18. Jeff
    I think Chiang Mai is 5 hrs ahead of South Africa.
    So that should mean
    0245 = 0745 SBK Race 1
    0410 = 0910 Supersport
    0520 = 1020 = SBK Race 2
    close to what you reckon.
  19. Doesnt look like we are going to get WSB on UBC, I keep searcing their schedule and no mention of WSB all this month. Also Engine Block on Star Sports Monday nights didnt mention a thing.

    Mind you last year was a pretty poor showing, we only got 30 minutes coverage and in that time they showed 2 WSB races and 1 or 2 Supersport.

    Have sent email to UBC, but no reply (now why doesnt that surprise me)
  20. Next question then - who in Chiang Mai will be open at 0800 on Sunday with Supersport 2 live ?
    I guess Irish Pub will be open for breakfast?!
    If Rugby is on again forget about it!
  21. Think I'm gonna have to give it a miss tomorrow due to uncertainty of time, venue e.t.c, (not to mention the bloody early hour - a 7 o'clock get up on a sunday???).

    Damn shame because Philip Island is one of the guaranteed ripper races of the season. [:(]


  22. Jeff
    Also just heard that UN Irish is not officially open until 9.00 am tomorrow, although there will be staff inside who can let us in & turn the goggle box on.
    Not sure too about me waking madam up for an 8.00 am taxi ride to watch motorbikes on tv, but will see how I go.
  23. Well, two of us made it there for the 8:00 am start, but no luck finding a staff person who knew how to start the TV and cable or whatever for us, so after a while we wandered across the street to the Fish & Chips shop, which was open and set up nicely to allow us to watch the second half of the first Superbike race. And a veddy nice race it was, too. I was able to stick around for the Supersport race as well, but had to leave before the second Superbike race started at 11, so no idea how that was.
  24. Rassaru, any idea what channell was on in the Fish And Chip Shop you watched the superbike race.

    Nice couple run the shop there, Da and Kiwi, we had breakkie there most mornings the 3 weeks we were up there in CNX

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