2008 Bangkok Motor Show March 28 to April 6 Bitec

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  1. This years Bangkok Motor Show to be held at BITEC

    Public March 28 to April 6
    Trade March 26
    Press March 27

    (No doubt Ian Bungy will sneak in before me again, using his Trade Pass, and post his report first)

    There should be most of the motorbike dealers represented here this time, unlike the zero showing at last December's Motor Show.
  2. Sorry for my ignorance but where is BITEC?
    Would be good if there was a comprehensive showing from the bike manufacturers.
  3. Dougal, very simple, once you come from Sriracha, drive the Bangna-Trat elevated highway and go down to level one at the 'Bang Phlee' sign, carry on in direction Bangkok, after passing Central Bangna Store on the right side, keep left and you'll soon find BITEC, huge building on the left side with a big parking space in front of it, it's shortly before the intersection Bangna-Trat//Sukhumvit-Samut Prakarn. If you come on the motorway turn left in direction Bangna (not BangPaIn !!) until you meet the same highway, right for Bangkok and same as above. Rgds, FR
  4. BITEC GPS Co-ords.

  5. TJ

    Fantastic, those are always helpful, coming from Ubon with bike so will have easy findings to there even been there many time but with car....
    Bike is bit hard as cant drive through express way...but with coordinates,, piece of cake. :wink:
  6. Perhaps nearer the dates, guys can say what days they will be attending, and if poss, some of us will be able to meet up and say hi.
  7. If everything is going ok, we will be there on 28 or 29.3
  8. ^^^^ TJ, you are a worry ^^^^

    What days will you be in BKK??? Are you just doing a flying trip for the show???

  9. We will call in to the Motor Show on our way up to Nong Khai. (Going up to the in-laws for Songkran)
  10. If everything is going ok, we will be there on 28 or 29.3
    Marco I am planning on visiting about the same time, will keep in touch.
  11. If everything is going ok, we will be there on 28 or 29.3
    Marco I am planning on visiting about the same time, will keep in touch.

    Taht would be cool, it might be that we drive to bkk on 28th and join the party 29th, any how give me bell when we are cleser date.
  12. Yeah. At the Burapa Bike Week, I saw only a Harley stand.
    Hopefully Triumph and Ducati can make a showing.
  13. Many thanks guys. I will be up there on the 29th. so hopefully get a chance to meet some of you.
  14. Afternoon lads

    Went to Barcelona Motors today just snooping around and was actually hoping that would found something new what they are intro during the show,, but nothing, also was told that during show only kikes are there no helmet's,, hopefully that is not true as i need new pot....dos any one else have info if there would be riding gear and helmets on show?
  15. Last Year "The Paddock" had a Big Stand with Lots of Stuff for Sale.
  16. Ian

    Paddock do they have web page mail order?
  17. Think there's going to be a group of us in Bkk Friday night?
    Any ideas for a drink & rendezvous spot?
  18. Bier Garten - Soi 5
  19. Rhodie is that Sukumvit Soi 5?
  20. Peter yes it is,, just next to the "Eden" actually next soi,....lol :wink:
  21. I'll be around. My 'local' is the New Wave Pool Bar just across the road.

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