2008 Honda Wavi CZi

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  1. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

    Parents are in poor health, so I'm back home to help out. The Mini Beast Honda Wave CZi 110 needs a new home :mrgreen: Bought her new in September 2008, always well maintained and only 22,000 kms on the odometer. Great second bike to put around town or the villae. Super economical with a life time average (yeah, I recorded every drop) of 56 km/L. Can run on E20 as well. Newish tires, tubes , chain and sprockets.

    New price 36,000 baht; will sell for 18,000.

    Billy 087-1846230
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  3. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer

    Mini Beast sold!

    REAL model GJ-998 full face helmet. Bought new 15-1-11 B1,300, sell for B800.

    Imarflex fan, bought new 18-8-11 B759, sell for B550.

    DVD player with remote B450

    Lap top speakers B150

    Books B80 - B140

    Chok dee krab :)
  4. Billy Baht

    Billy Baht Ol'Timer


    Yeah, it was a great deal and the first person that looked at it bought it. Before I could cancel the ads in Baht & Sold and Thai Visa Classifieds, several callers offerd me more than the asking price.

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