2008 ninja 250

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  1. Black, in like new condition, selling for 100k bht for quick sale. 1rst class ins. Tail cover also incl.
  2. Any pic ???
    How many kms Have you done on this machine ?
  3. Hi John!

    Already out grew the Ninjette? No surprise there- I hope you had fun with it. What will you next bike be? ER6n?

    Happy Trails!

  4. Yeah, I got a really good deal on a Buell X1 lightning in the states, I just had a friend purchase for me. I am going back for about a month and a half to try to arrange shipping over here, then I have a lawyer in CM that says he can make it legit book for Thai. I can't wait!! Unless I kill myself on it over there before I get it on the boat! Sorry to see the ninja go though, absolutely no complaints other than the lack of low rpm grunt. Can you believe the dude that bought flew up from BKK and drove it back!! What comes around goes... If your in the area sometime in the next month, let me know and maybe I'll rent a Er6 and we can blast around a bit. Take Care
  5. Have you estimated the costs for shipping, customs and registration in TH? That might be around 250K THB...
  6. Yeah- as KZ said, you need to work it out BEFORE you ship the bike.

    Heard many a story of guys who've sent bikes to Thailand and been unable to get them out of customs due to missing paperwork.

    Sounds like sending in a used bike fully assembled is VERY difficult. Slightly less difficult is sending the bike in parts in different containers.

    Good luck! A Buell X1 would be wicked fun here! 8)
  7. I have a Thai lawyer working on the details, another Thai guy had a couple of Ducatis shipped in from China and he got everything done including plate for just over 100k. So I am prepared to go double that if I have to, because mainly I got the bike for next to nothing in the states(my friend is an insurance adjuster and a dealer with access to repo auctions) :lol: My biggest concern is if it has to be shipped in pieces or not. :( If it doesn't look like a sure thing, I will just send to Cambo and do the 3 mnth border trip.(everything in Cambo is a sure thing with $) If I could figure out how to post photos here I would love to show it off. :!: Take Care.
  8. Hi Friends, Hi Jominmar,

    Only to say good luck ! Of course it's far from being Impossible Mission but what an headhake (I knwo what I am talking about with the import of my Ducati 3 years ago, and I said ...Plus jamais ça, which could be translate like Never this again !), however if you got the bike for nothing or nearly that will be OK....

    I am also interested in Buell, if you have any opportunity to ship 2 Lightnings and could grant a nice price, just PM me.

    Anyway, good luck !!!
  9. Can you clarify the "3 month border trip" , seems like they only give 30 days on entry into Thailand for a vehicle regardless of the visa in the passport. Import into Cambodia from O/S is more transparent and cheaper than to Thailand, but the border runs become a hassle if you want to keep it permanently in Thailand without constantly thinking about going to customs for a extension, planning a trip out etc.

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