2008 Paris - Dakar Cancelled

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    Lisbon, Friday the 4th of January 2008

    A.S.O. cancels the 2008 edition of the Dakar rally
    After different exchanges with the French government - in particular the Ministry for Foreign Affairs - , and based on their firm recommendations, the organisers of the Dakar have taken the decision to cancel the 2008 edition of the rally, scheduled from the 5th to the 20th of January between Lisbon and Senegal’s capital.

    Will they come on the Chiang Mai ToyRide now?
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    I'd put it down to the softcore mentality that has taken over the Paris Dakar rally in recent years. Back in the 80s even the early to mid 90s the organisers would of stuck two fingers up at the possible threat and gone out hell for leather. These days the Paris Dakar isn't what it used to be and this cancellation just go's to show where the French Independence is these days.

    The countries foreign ministers are up in arms at why they cancelled when the rally could of been re-routed from the danger zone areas. Not enough for the jellyfish in charge alas.

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