2009 Bangkok Motor Show, any feedback ?

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  1. Hi Friends,

    Any feed back on the last Motor Show performed in Bangkok ?

    Anyw news "behind the lines" ?

    Have a nice day and anticipated thanks for reporting
  2. Honda have Postponed their Entry into the Thai Market! The Guys Told me they had the Showroom and Offices Organised but have put it off till the Economy Recovers and they Said anything up to 2 Years :shock:
    Suzuki are making their Debut this Year and I will Post some News Separately on this!
    Kawasaki are Releasing the ER6f, Top Bike.
    No News on any Dirt Bikes from any Manufacturer???
  3. Visited the Bangkok Motor Show last weekend and took some photos
    (fine line between 'motor' show and 'coyote/presenter' girls show) :wink:

    Pardon the inclusion of some cars etc (and the silly (?) Can-am Spyder)
    uploaded many more photos (LOTS of BIKES as well) to facebook, see below for urls.











    and as the sign says... :shock:

    Bkk Motor Show album 1:
    http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=9 ... c7d8c90a71

    Album 2:
    http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=9 ... e049b9809d

    Album 3:
    http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=9 ... 89947cd7ea


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  4. thanks for the pictures! Love to have gone but I would get stuck at the classic cars and the girls...humm....nothing wrong with that! :twisted:
  5. Motor Show sees orders of around 8,000 cars in first seven days
    THE NATION Apr 3, 2009

    The 30th Bangkok International Motor Show reported reservation orders of 8,000 car units during the first seven days (March 26-April 1) of the fair. Most of the hot-picked cars have price range between from Bt700,000 to Bt3 million.

    The show expects total booking this year of around 15,000 units, similar to the last year's figure. The event will end on April 6.

    Storm dance
    THE NATION Apr 3, 2009

    A young girl's pole dance raises eyebrows and brings warnings

    A provocative dance may attract huge crowds almost anywhere, but a little pole dancer here has caused public outrage.

    In video clips posted on many websites, a pre puberty girl waves her hips and moves sexually around a pole.

    The background suggests she must have been at a big event or perhaps the motor show.

    "Several viewers have complained that the use of a young girl for such a dance is totally inappropriate," Culture Watch Centre director Ladda Tangsupachai said yesterday. "The girl seems to be just about 10 years old."

    She said her centre would try to find out where the little pole dancer had performed.

    "Our officials will check whether the video clips were filmed at the Bangkok International Trade & Exhibition Centre (Bitec)," Ladda said.

    Open to the public since March 26, the 30th Bangkok International Motor Show is on till April 6 at Bitec.

    Motor show denial

    However, the committee orฌganising the motor show yesterday firmly rejected any suggestion that the child pole dancer was at its event.

    "We have a strict rule that all dancers on stage must be over 18 years old," Jaturont Komolmis said in his capacity as the organising committee's deputy chair.

    He said the rule carried penalties in the form of a six figure fine and a ban from the motor show.

    "The motor show involves a very big business. We are not going to do anything that will ruin our image," Jaturont said.

    According to him, up to 10 plain-clothes policemen and seven staff members are patrolling the motor show's venue each day to ensure that there are no inappropriate things going on.

    On March 29, police also arrested a group of scantily clad girls for dancing around and posing for video cameras.

    "These girls are not part of our motor show. Their clothes are much more revealing than those who really work here," Jaturont said.

    He suspected that someone might have tried to damage the Bangkok International Motor Show's reputation by claiming that a very young girl performed a pole dance there.

    Ladda said her centre would also dispatch its officials to big events including the annual Thai Red Cross fair and OTOP fairs.

    "If we find anything inappropriate, we will issue warnings," Ladda said.

    She planned to ask Royal Thai Police's Children, Juveniles and Women Division and the Human Security and Social Development Ministry to take action.

    "The ministry is armed with laws that can protect the children including any girl that might have been exploited," Ladda said.
  6. Thanks Friends for this already well illustrated posts the Face book albums are great !
  7. Any pics or videos of the pole dancers?

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