2009 FZ1


Feb 16, 2007
Went into the local Yamaha dealer to pick up new fork seals for the FJR and left with a 2009 FZ1, how did that happen? Ridiculous prices, that's how. I have wanted an FZ1 as a stablemate for the Feej for some time, but had been hearing $10K out the door as the best from these guys. Well, times have changed and they are dropping their shorts on bikes over here like crazy. Times are tough.

How tough? How about $7499 US out the door including all taxes, fees? This was a still in-crate 2009 leftover which is OK with me since I already have a black car and didn't want the black 2010 anyway. The low price left some extra cash for farkles, so just put the Yosh full header w/ R77 carbon and it really woke the bike up and sounds killer. Added a PowerCommander, smaller sub-throttle plates, opened the airbox with BMC race filter and it is crazy fast now. Above 9K this thing is just insane.

I've never ridden an R1, but can't imagine any more power-weight ratio than this. Trying to wear out these OEM tires quickly and get some real rubber on there as these are terrible. Waiting for the rear seal cowl, fender eliminator/LED blinkers, and taller/wider screen to arrive to complete things. Now if only it could be in the GT to blast through the 1148. Oh well, the local CA roads will have to do..............for now.