2009 Kawasaki ER6n

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  1. :cry: It's breaking my heart to do this, but it must get done. :cry:

    I'm selling my 2009 Kawasaki ER6n because I'm leaving the country soon. The bike is in excellent condition and has no problems. It only has about 9,800 kilometers. The bike has a custom paint job, aftermarket Two Brothers Racing exhaust, custom touring seat and Givi windscreen among other things.

    I'll post a few pictures here, but the main photo album with many more pictures and details about the motorcycle is here: 2009 Kawasaki ER6n.

    Asking price: 199,000 baht.





    Send me a PM if interested.
  2. Liam, so you need to go back to that s...place again for work ? Sorry to see your beauty go, nice bike really ! Any buyer gets a wonderful & well cared for beauty !! Before you leave, let's have some yummies together !! Regards, Franz
  3. Nice pics Liam!
    You know I'm interested!
    Those are the original tires right?
    Similar 2009's have been going for 175-185k.
    I'm ready to give you 185k cash right now if you want to unload this bike quick.
    Lemme know braddah! :happy5:
    Ride On!
  4. I believe Tony was looking for one...
  5. LaughingSign.gif
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    Did you see my post above yours? We posted at the same time- 11:11 :lol-sign:
  8. ^^^Ohhhhhhh, whoops didn't see that, it looks like you beat me to the punch there :)
  9. Thanks guys. And yea, Franz, we have to get together soon. I found work and it seems I'm getting sent back to Af..., so I'll be leaving LOS pretty soon. We gotta do something before then. Wish I could see everyone coming up for the next SSR ride, but I'll be in Cha Am with the girlfriend that weekend.
  10. Liam, Sunday to Thursday evenings or Friday to Sunday 24 hrs available, take your missus with you too, anytime, anywhere !! next weekend I'm 'home alone' and maybe you still have the ER for a short spin :mrgreen: ?? Again Af..... oh poor you..... Not a place where anyone would like to go voluntarily... :take-that:
    Tony, wow ! So your really extending your range if I'm right its the liter Gixxer, the Ninja and then Liam's ER......impressive :clap: , puts me under pressure to get Chris' R1 :oops: :wink: ?? Franz
  11. Liebe Franz,
    The plan is to get a 2009 non-abs er6 to "convert" into a Versys-like Super Enduro and then sell the Ninja650R as the Gixxer makes it a bit redundant. Liam's bike is beautiful and I really hope he'll sell it to me. C'mon Liam- make my day! :happy2:

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