2010 Honda Fury - factory made custom chopper

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  1. KZ

    Looking nice,different ,,Honda.

    would ride thou,just not my style.
  2. I'm not a chopper fan, I would sell this bike if somebody gave it to me and buy a KTM Duke or a Aprilia 750 or several smaller bikes...
    It's just that Honda started a new trend here. For years the choppers were getting bigger and bigger, first the Intruder with 1360cc (Harleys were 1340cc then), then Kawasaki 1500, then Yamaha 1600, Honda 1800, Kawasaki 2000 - seems like it would never stop. I mean, what's the sense of building a 2 liter V-Twin with a stroke of 123 mm?
    So Honda realized they have to shift the focus from the engine to something else. Smart move, with this 1300cc "factory custom" (which is a contradiction in terms like "fat-free cream cheese") you're the new "King of the Neighborhood" and chopper owners who need to have the latest will trade in their big-engined steeds and get the new Honda.
    So who will be next to ape the new fashion? Yamaha?
  3. Hey Captain I agree so maybe if and when the Fury comes to Thailand we can compare notes as whoever thought conservative Honda would bring out a custom chopper style. I have always liked the VTX1300 but because it has a carby ( which would never make it into Thailand ) I started looking at the Vulcan. Pricing will be interesting to see here in LOS, but I heard recently Honda's distribution is postponed for 12 months due to the world recession ( within Thailand ). Fact or Fiction I am not sure.

    Regards Ken
  4. Captain, I'm with you all the way - I definitely prefer low revving bikes with grunt over buzzing inline-fours. That's why I went for a VTR250 instead of a 250 Ninja. My dreambike at the moment is the V-Strom 650.
    I also had three XS650s for the same reasons. And I had an Intruder 1400, the only real chopper I ever had and probably ever will have. That thing had half the torque of the 2-Liter Kawa and that was plenty.
    Plenty being relative (especially in the US where bigger is always better) I can understand buiding a 1500 or even a 1700, which should have tons of above mentioned torque coming out of its tailpipes. But a 2-liter V-Twin with a stroke of 123 mm - that's overdoing it in my opinion. Tons of proud Kawasaki owners may think different and that's okay with me.
    But it's possible to build a smaller V-Twin with the exact same hp and torque numbers if you apply the latest technology, improving engine life in the process by having a slower piston speed and way less vibration. A lighter crank and less counter balance weight should improve weight and fuel consumption.
    But maybe I'm completely missing the point of riding a cruiser - if people look for a heavy-ass mammoth of a bike with the highest cc number possible (mine's the biggest) and don't care about technology, weight, fuel consumption or maneuverability (that thing weighs way over 800 pounds) then that's what Kawasaki built for them.
  5. KZ I agree the Vstrom 650 would be a perfect bike in Thai - 2 years ago I could purchase one new from Red Baron BKK for 500K I think, but I thought too expensive. The Fury looks good I have never owned a V-twin chopper could be fun - will wait and see.

    Regards Ken
  6. Nice looking scooter, but choppers ain't my cuppa! Looks like something from American Chooper. I'll stick with my boring flat boxer twins.
  7. I like it ..it looks great ..but how bland will it be to ride thats the problem with many Jap bikes.

    I fancy a Kawasaki ER6 but until i can test one thoroughly I will not buy. I might be dissapointed by the engine .like i was with the Honda CB1300, and the Yamaha 1000.
  8. Captain I liked the VTX but it was carbed so I thought this model will never come to Thailand. Now the new Fury is Fuel injected maybe the VTX Fury will be sold here if ever Honda see the light. Interesting to hear your comparison to H.D. but will wait and see how it rides one day as Monsterman says.
  9. I find though a good thing with the majoirty of Jap bikes is, is us riders got too pissed up, our Thai wives can always ride them home with us on the back!
  10. HaHa Muzz - I would like to see that re GF riding us home, yeah mate in your dreams. If I have had too many sherbets its always 4 wheels for me now - I have tried her on two wheels and its always hurties and messy.
    But I presume your having a dig at Jap bikes - who gives a shit as long as its got two wheels mate.

    Rgds Ken F
  11. Not into cruisers myself but this thing rings my bell in a perverse kind of way:


    I believe they call them "power cruisers" and if I had unlimited dosh, one of these Suzuki M109Rs or a H-D Nightrod would be in my garage for sure.


  12. Just saw on Ebay in the states, a dealer is taking orders for them. No delivery date, no color choice, for 10,500.00USD =375,000BHT
    Not Bad.
  13. Or how's about either of these - The Victory CORE concept bike


    and the BMW Lo Rider concept - horny or what????


    Now all I need is for the factories to build them and for me to win the lottery :cry:


  14. This one you can actually build, all you need is a Buell to part out. And win the lottery...

  15. Ken, I love jap bikes, but I still prefer American Iron when it comes to cruisers and choppers etc. By the way. my Mrs did ride me home on my Fatboy a few years back! :D

  16. Pikey, I luuuuuuuuuuuurve that Beemer man! Got any more info on it???? Many thanks for posting the PIX
  17. Muzz, read in an austrian website that this bike will come in many variations and can be custom built by customer, most of the accessoiries can be changed and also the fittings are different. Such as forks, tyres, rims, seat, headlight unit, handlebars, mirrors. I'll try to find the link and then post it; but it will be in German. I like the idea too !!!! Something different to the masses of japanese uniformised bikes. Cheers, Franz
  18. Honda Fury - should be called "Mildly Angry" :? :shock: :D
    Hadly a Bad Boy's ride, more like a Naughty Boy in a Frankie Howard sort of way........
  19. The BMW Lo Rider looks interesting - but not if it's a heavy Panzer with the ususal underpowered 1200cc engine. Don't know if the exhaust is just a design exercise, but if the engine would be a big bore/short stroke 800 with a hidden turbo cranking out close to 100hp I'd be even more interested!
  20. Thanks KZ appeciate the article on the Fury.

    Cheers Ken F
  21. Hi Cap'n, KZ,
    I went riding with a guy from Texas that brought his V-strom with him and rode it up to Pai from Penang. Although a "girl's bike" in the US (he's got a Road King back in the 'States) he decided after some serious touring that he would downsize even from the 650 if he moved to Thailand. In full dress with fairing, GIVI hard cases and tail box it really was quite a lump to behold and was the object of many Thai photos but in the end too big and bulky for the Thai riding experience. Each to his own but I'd ride before I'd buy.
  22. "I'd ride it before I buy" is VERY good advice - I remember salivating over a black and titanium colored Ducati Monster at a dealer. Went for a test ride, had the money in my pocket, it was a done deal. But after the test ride I was confused and said I'll have to think about it. First off it took me a while to get the thing out of the parking, the steering was ridiculously "racy", I had to move back and forth ten times to turn the bike 180 degrees. No problem. But riding it I slipped forward and sat on the tank, had to push me back up the seat again and again. At a stop the neutral light came on, I let the clutch go, it stalled. Sometimes the light was out and the bike was in neutral. - I've bought lots of used japanese bikes and never really had an issue with any of them, always got used to them. But I'm not interested in Ducati anymore!
    I bought a XR650L just because it was cheap. Never had an Enduro before, never was interested in one. But three weeks later I realized that I had ridden it every day, and hadn't taken any of the other three or four bikes I had sitting in my garage. (I've had up to seven bikes in my garage, all used and nothing fancy, when I realized I should see a doctor). Got a DR650SE and a KLR250, put Pirelli MT60s on them. They were the last bikes I finally sold when I left. So much for actually riding bikes to find out how they really are. Kind of like girls, don't just go for the beautiful ones with the long legs - try something different, you may be in for a surprise!
    The V-Strom is big since it has the frame of the SV1000 and a bigger front wheel, and may be too much with saddle bags and top case. I'd use only a day pack and tie it to the rear seat. I don't really like the looks of the SV650S, and the V-Strom has a better seating position and a bigger fairing. A little less power I don't mind, more than 60 horses is plenty for me. But I'd have to ride it first...
  23. Ken - glad you liked it! It's a great website, I'm a regular.
    There are lots of interesting articles: 121c.i. Big Dog Wolf, BMW F650GS and a comparo of a 2009 Kawa 250 KLX and YamahaWR250R. And a nice article on the new Royal Enfield made in India.

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