2010 Kawasaki KLX and D-Trackers now available.

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  1. 2010 Kawasaki KLX and D-Trackers now available.

    On the floor at Chiang Mai Kawasaki, they have the new KLX and D-Trackers.

    There's a few cosmetic changes, like the black frame and plastics on the KLX.



    The D-Tracker as you can see is a deeper orange than the previous model.



    D-Tracker still comes in black as well.

    The new fleet.

    I cant give you any info on technical changes right now, as they were flat out being a Saturday afternoon.

    But next week I go and find out more when there not so busy.

  2. Thanks for posting that!
    Usually I go for black, but the black/orange version is absolutely cool!
    Take off that stupid "D Tracker X" sticker and it looks like a KTM! Well, almost.
    Probably no engine changes, even though they should work out those FI problems and rev restriction. A brand new bike that stalls is no fun!
  3. The new shades look great in person, but the black forks may not be for everybody. When black fronts started appearing on the supersports it looked really sweet, but I think it looks cheap on the D-Tracker.
  4. Love the subtle changes, both look really nice but think I prefer the black one. Plan to get one soon, actually had a deposit on one in Aug 08 but ended up buying a car instead. Actually rode one for the first time yesterday, a friend rented one in CM and then drove up to CR to visit me on it, great bike. It will be my first 'real' bike so the lack of top end power that people moan about doesn't bother me that much, got up to 100kph on it and nearly had a nosebleed! I currently drive a Nouvo Elegance and I expected the D Tracker to be a better bike but it surprised me just how much better it was, can't wait to get one and get out and about on the roads up here.
  5. Ahh.. I saw the orange 2010 a few days ago in Chiang Mai and I was wondering where the guy got those awesome orange panels.. exactly, it's like a KTM now, looks good :)

    The old orange was kinda yellow, and not very attractive IMO. But if you have an older model, you can upgrade to the new colors for a few thousand baht - these plastic panels are dirt cheap. will look much better without the stickers.
  6. I bought a KLX125 a couple weeks ago here in Chiang Mai. Traditional green/black/white. Love it as a boy toy and have spun around on Doi Pui and Mae Taeng area with it a fair bit. Of course a bit under-powered compared to its bigger brother but I love it anyway. 113kg take-anywhere bike. Have seen David Unk's wife on her blue D-Tracker a few times around town - almost bought one of those but like the bigger knobbies of the KLX. Just added a skid plate, Thai-made "Yoshi" slip-on exhaust, and a few other extras today at the Kawa shop next to the Chinese consulate today. Vroom Vroom what a fun little bike! Waiting for the green book and number plate so I can take it stumping in Laos...
  7. The 2011 KLX won't be that different to the 2010 but the 2011 D-Trackers will come in either white or green so quite different to the black or orange that were the two colour options in 2009 and 2010. If anyone is passing a Kawasaki dealer, happens to see the new D-Tracker colours and has a camera a pic would be appreciated.
  8. Just found a pic myself on the Japanese website, quite like the white/red one.

  9. Kawa Chiang Mai has the red and white in the showroom. Looks very good.

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