2010 Kawasaki Ninja 650R ABS!

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  1. Here she is- the 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 650R ABS!

    Confirmed price- 257,000 Thai Baht!

    Khun Chan wasn't working today and the other guys didn't seem to know much of anything about the bike but they said they will start delivering them this month!

    The showroom model is wearing Bridgestone Battlax BT021's-

    The sales guys couldn't tell me definitively if the new Ninja 650R's will be wearing Bridgestones... I'm not a big fan of the Dunlop Roadsmarts that came with the ER6n so I'm hoping for the Battlax's on the new Ninja.


    The Ninja 650R that's been sold in North America has never had ABS, but perhaps for 2010 ABS will be an option worldwide.

    Cockpit looks unchanged from the '09-

    Notice the painted lower fairing-

    I noticed that the 2010 Ninja 650R has an idle adjust screw. Don't have that on my 09 ER6n...

    The powdercoated grab bars and matching tail piece are new for the 2010 Ninja 650R-

    The Kwackerzaki guys seem to think I'll be able to get my bike in a couple of weeks!

    Let the Good Times Roll!!!

  2. Tony
    Thanks for the most interesting heads-up.
    Can you tho please clarify the differences between the ER6-F & 650R-ABS,
    if indeed there are any.
    As the quoted price for the expected ER6-F appears to be in the same ball-park.
    Appreciate your time & expertise taken in doing this report.
  3. Cheers Rhodie,

    Well, with this new 2010 model the differences that used to exist between the Ninja 650R and the ER6f have all but disappeared...

    Perhaps they are going to discontinue the ER6f?

    The differences before were that the Ninja 650R never came with ABS and didn't have the passenger grab bars. There were a couple of other differences but I can't recall what they were... Oh yeah- in 2009 the North American Ninja 650R came with Bridgestone Battlax's while the ER6f and n came with Dunlop Roadsmarts.

    Happy Trails!

  4. Tony
    Appreciate the clarification as of a few weeks ago Rama 9 were
    still only talking of the ER6f.
    Look forward to your test report! :D
  5. ^ Yeah - I got the impression today that the Kawasaki sales guys were not given much advance notice about the change from 2009 ER6f to 2010 Ninja 650R.
    Also just found out that the new Ninja will be available in THREE colors- Diablo Black, Lime Green, and Plasma Blue.
    Ride On!
  6. These are 2009 model pics; the changes for 2010 are very minor.


    Ride On!
  7. Diablo Blacklooks kind of Mean looking machine,, maybe i need to take 2ns look and ride on it,when back
  8. The blue one certainly looks good! Also the bike doesnt look too "sporty" either - not head down & rump up. Excellent value for money - makes my T100 Bonnie look very expensive. Bridgestone Battleaxe are usually as good a tyre as any.
  9. Hi Friends,

    Again a very a nice product from Kawasaki and I think a very good return on investment. Good value for money. I see other brands relatively asleep in front of such range on a value for money point of view.
  10. Hi Marco,

    When you return to Thailand give me a call- you're welcome to take my ER6n or Ninja 650R for a spin. (They are essentially identical bikes- just one is naked and the other is faired.)

    I love my ER6n, but the fairings on the Ninja 650R will make touring a lot more comfortable.

    Happy Trails!

  11. Um... don't you ride a Phantom? :roll:
    Nuf said :wink:
  12. On Saturday Phuket Kawasaki didn't know about the name change or that it was going to be a 2010, but they did confirm the price of 257,000 baht and that they can get it soon. (They said 1 week but we all know what that means.) They also said 10k deposit was all that was required to order. I'm going down tomorrow morning with cash in hand to see if that bit comes true. Smile
  13. I ordered 4 er6n today they said 4 weeks delivery 40k dep,got a free pen.two green ones and 2 black.
    the green collor was awsome
  14. Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from Kawasaki Rama 9 on Monday asking me if I'd like to pick up my new Kawasaki Ninja 650R 3 days early?! :D

    Well... gee, I thought I was picking up my new bike on Thursday.... Let me see if my wire transfer has come through yet- nope... :- Well... can you hold it until tomorrow? Thanks! ;D

    So I headed over to Rama 9 this morning and she was waiting for me- a beautiful new Lime Green 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 650R

    Took her out for a 70km break-in spin and then came back to change the oil and filter-

    Nice bike- haven't tried out the ABS yet. Honestly, the Ninja 650R is a bit mundane in stock form. The Two Bros pipe, ignition booster and Juice Box Fuel Injection module I've got on my ER6n make it a much more lively bike than the stock Ninja 650R.

    I've got an Arrow pipe on the way for the new Ninja and will add a powercommander and another ignition booster once the new pipe arrives.

    Took some pictures of a pair of Plasma Blue Ninjas while I was hanging out.

    The Diablo Black 2010 Ninja 650R-

    I'm actually rather bummed that I sold the ER6n... :-[ I'm riding her down to her new home in Phuket tomorrow. Was a great bike and she'll be missed.

    Happy Trails!

  15. Congrats Tony! :D :!:

    See the rear silders in place; how about fairing/engine silders? Any available yet?
  16. Congrats Tony for your new "baby"

    is it just me but i think new 2010 looks much more Faster and somewhat similar with Fazer front faring, and have to say it's looks gooood.

    One you tested ABS tony, give us your evaluation, question, is it intergated ABS for front & Read from the hand grip?
  17. Thought some of you Ninja 650R fans might like to check out this beauty-
    Underside painted Kawasaki Racing Green.

    Carbon Fiber Rear Chain Guard / Tire Hugger.
    Ermax-style seat cowl.

    Rizoma Fat Bars. Tail tidy and led signals.

    COOL! :mrgreen:
  18. Hi Tony,
    very nice - I've seen the pictures of both your bikes and aftermarket exhausts (2 Bros and Arrow?).

    I was to purchase a bike today (ER6N) and was told that if I purchased a 2 bros exhaust from Myton Kawasaki and had the exhaust fitted by them, then this would make my warranty null and void.

    To lose a 2 year warranty for this is unbelievable.

    Is this correct as far as you know - is there anyway around this (other than the obvious)

    Disappointing at best as I then canceled the purchase to find out more info.

    Thanks Tony
  19. ^ Hi JackBlack,

    Understand your frustration, but if you check the warranty terms for just about any vehicle, be it car, bike, boat etc. you'll see that modifications to the vehicle usually do void the warranty.

    Having said that, everyone likes to modify and customize their ride and in my personal experience Kawasaki just told me that in the unlikely event I might need warranty service I should just make sure that I bring the bike in in unmodified (stock) form. (wink wink nudge nudge say no more say no more) :wink:

    Finally, it's worth noting that warranty or no warranty parts and service here in Thailand are incredibly cheap.

    Happy Trails!

  20. Hi Tony,
    thanks for the reply.

    I have now been told that Kawasaki Thailand follow the same warranty commitment of Kawasaki Internationally - that is - the fitting of aftermarket parts will not affect the warranty as long as that specific part is not responsible for the damage caused.

    Absolutely understandable, fair and acceptable.

    Thanks for taking your time to explain this Mate, greatly appreciated.

    Please let me know about the Carbon Two Bros when you get a chance,
  21. Some new no-cut frame sliders for the 2009-2010 Ninja 650R

    They've not yet been crash tested (need a volunteer :mrgreen:) but the way they are designed I'm not sure how strong they will be...

    Sliders that bolt directly to the frame (and require fairing modifications) like the R&G and Woodcraft sliders should be stronger...

    I think these will protect the bike if it gets knocked over or suffers a gentle lowside-

    In a hard fall I imagine the brackets could bend or snap... I guess that's the trade-off with most no-cut sliders.

    The Ninja650Shop no-cut sliders look a lot stronger, but they're massive and apparently not easy to install.


    Not sure but I think these new no cut sliders will cost about ~2500-3000 Baht.

    What do you guys think?

    Happy Trails!

  22. Hi Tony,

    Could you advice where to purchase those no-cut frame sliders? I would need 2 pairs for my and gf's Ninjas.

    Thanks for info!

  23. Hi Jusu,

    I can get them for you from the manufacturer here in Bangkok, but honestly wouldn't recommend them- They seem very poorly designed in my opinion. They might survive a gentle drop but it will not take much force at all to bend or break them.

    Let me know if you still want them and I'll find out the price for you.

    Happy Trails!

  24. The widest part of the Ninja 650R are the mirrors and they can certainly get in the way when trying to weave your way through Bangkok traffic.

    So today I replaced the stock Ninja 650R mirrors with stock mirrors from a Ninja 250R:

    Some before and after pics:
    Stock mirrors above and Ninja 250R mirrors below:

    From the other side-
    Stock mirrors above and Ninja 250R Mirrors below:

    Headed out for a little ride this afternoon to see how much I can see out of these new mirrors.

    Whaddya think?

    Ride On!

  25. Certainly neater Tony, has it cut the vibration at all. I thought the mirrors one of the worst features of the bike, saw as much of my elbows as the road, and too much vibration even to see the elbows clearly above 110kph.
    How are the shorter ones, and have you still got enough width of rear view?

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