2011 CBR250R oil filter

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  1. Anyone have an OEM part number for the oil filter that the new 2011 CBR250R uses?

  2. Just Go to the Honda Shop and Buy one?
  3. Hi Brett... Try HF111 ...... Edd.
  4. Well that is certainly the old cbr250 oil filter... i wonder if they are the same as for the new 2011 ones????
  5. Hi Brett, Re;o/filter ... part No.. 15410-KYJ-901 Just ordered 1 for mine... E.
  6. cheers Edd, thanks for that.

  7. Re; CBR250R, Had this bike just over a week now :) ... and done over 500Ks now and I want to change the oil & filter, guess what ...
    No oil filters available yet..on back order I was told ...TiT :-( E.
  8. Hi Edd, I've got the HF111 in stock, I've emailed you.

  9. Re; oil filters for CBR250R , Go along to your Kawasaki dealer ,ask for oil filter for Kawasaki 115cc Cher step through ; Same oil filter, service mine today ... Also fits Honda GB 250, 400, & 500 TT. That's ya Lot ... E.
  10. I may need a filter. How much are they?
  11. About 100thb.

    I used the identical Kawasaki one for one of my early changes as the Honda stock was delayed.

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