2011 Chiang Mai ToyRide Sponsorships

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  1. Three Sponsorship Packages to Suit Your Budget

    Your best exposure with lead billing on banners, posters, T-shirts and the Internet!
    Your company’s name is synonymous with the Chiang Mai ToyRide, receives headline coverage leading up to the main ride, on the day itself, and at subsequent rides, donation events and toy presentations throughout the year.
    • Lead billing on event posters, CMTR web site, CMTR Facebook and in press releases.
    • Scrolling logo on the CMTR homepage, plus link/logo on the CMTR "Our Sponsors" web page
    • Lead positioning on the Chiang Mai ToyRide T-shirt
    • Large logo on CMTR banner at main event start, at the party and other events throughout the year
    • Free premium booth at the Chiang Mai ToyRide main event/party
    • Cost/donation: 25,000 baht

    Link you and/or your company closely with the Chiang Mai ToyRide!
    • Prominent listing on the CMTR website, CMTR Facebook and link on the CMTR "Our Sponsors" web page
    • Logo on the Chiang Mai ToyRide T-shirt
    • Logo on CMTR banner at main event start, at the party and other events throughout the year
    • Booth discount at the Chiang Mai ToyRide main event/party
    • Cost/donation: 5,000 baht

    An ideal way for individual/companies to be involved with the event!
    • Listing on the "Our Sponsors" page of the Chiang Mai ToyRide website and on CMTR Facebook
    • Name on our “Supporters” banner at the Chiang Mai ToyRide main event/party
    • Cost/donation: 2,500 baht

    Email: [email [email protected]][email protected][/email]

    The payment deadline for sponsorships for the 2011 Chiang Mai ToyRide is 31 December 2010.
  2. As every year, I'm gonna chip in the usual 5k. C'mon guys, open your wallets and let the Baht's fly in the right direction. Better to save on my bikes than on kids in need.........cheers, Franz
  3. We will chip in 5,000 baht. We can give you the cash when we are up there for Xmas. Shame we can't join in the events but BKK is a long way to come for the weekend.
  4. GT Rider is in for a 25,000 baht Headline Sponsor. :thumbup:
  5. Hi David,

    I am happy to let you know that Impulse Tourism will again sponsor the 2011 Toyride with a contribution of Baht 25'000. I hope that this will entice many others to also reach into their wallets and help needy children.
  6. Wish to sign up too. Sent an email to the site David suggested but no response. How/who do we pay?
  7. Sorry your email did not get answered. As co-chairman of the CMTR I will check to see what happened. Donations may be made through PayPal or, if in Thailand, through a direct bank transfer. Donations may also be dropped off at Richco MotorSports (Harley Davidson) in Chiang Mai. See our web page here for details
    http://chiangmaitoyride.com/?cat=72 If that doesn't work for you, PM or email me through this site and I will make arrangements to pick it up.

    Please note that the above amounts are for sponsorships to appear on our posters, banners, t-shirts and websites. ANY amount is welcome and goes directly to help the children (you do not have to feel obligated to post your amounts or donations here). Please help.

    We will be posting the details of another school giveaway ride which will occur on Dec. 17. The main Chiang Mai ToyRide event and party will be February 20, 2011. Visit our website http://www.chiangmaitoyride.com :clap:
  8. Thanks; I'll head to Richoh in the next few days.
  9. Left our sponsorship for 2 at Richco yesterday...
    2 riders for 17/12.

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