2011 Honda CBR250R for sale

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  1. Very low mileage blue/white/red Honda CBR250R for sale. Good as new.
    Reasons for sale:
    - Don't like the seating position. Sat on it in the show room and liked it, but after a short trip realized that I prefer a more upright position. Thought it'd be good for longer trips but wrists hurt after 50km. Also the seat is too soft.
    - Suspension is too hard for local roads. It may be right for roads in the US or the german autobahn, but around here with all the potholes, drains, cracks, uneven surfaces and cow dung I have to slow down.
    - The seat height is too low, can't see over cars in traffic.
    - Don't like the colors anymore, thought it looked like the american flag but now it looks to me like a circus pony.

    WILL TRADE FOR D-TRACKER 250 plus cash.
  2. I thought the same Colin, and having testsat on one for quite a while i was not too impressed about the position myself....sure the other things KZ posted are likely to be found when actually riding the Bike .

    KZ, would be easier to sell if you tell the price you are asking for?

    good luck on the sale,

  3. Nope, some Thai guys I know here in Bangkok put theirs up for sale after a few days when they realized they should have spent a bit more for a Ninja 250R. ;-)
  4. wow i didn't know, but i think the Thaiguys who bought it (cbr250r ) and selling it right away were expecting a sportsbike with sportsbike character. And for that the Ninja 250R is more sportsbike i think.

  5. Spending half as Much again for a Bike that is at most 10% faster doesn't make practical sense does it? If You look on this and Other Forums there are Many so Called "Ninja" 250 for sale, why is that if they are such a Great Bike? And it is Hardly more "Sportsbike" than the CBR! I can't wait till We actually see a Proper Test, Trip Report or whatever between these two Bikes so the Truth is revealed!!! Just because it has one Less Cylinder doesn't make it a Failure? It depends on What Riding Style You are Used to or Prefer as to What Bike You should Buy? I obviously would have went for the D-Tracker in the First Place as i prefer more Dirt Bike Style! Even though the CBR is probably Faster? There will always Be those in the Kawasaki Camp and those in the Honda Camp? I support any Camp that Provides Good Bikes. That's My 2 cents worth!
  6. Seems a shame to be selling such a new bike and taking a loss so early on. Perhaps a few mods might make it more comfortable for you such a higher and harder seat, softer shock and raising the bars (if possible). I also wondered about the colour scheme. Did you have to make a special order or was it readily available? Could you post a photo of your bike.
  7. Is it the simple or the ABS version ??
  8. Yes, the CBR 250R is only available in 3 colours...Red, Gray and Black. The red/white/blue bike is the 150cc.
  9. Any pics of the bike please KZ?
  10. You guys are smarter than I thought - can't fool you for long! Marcus got it right first, there's no CBR250R in those colors...
    I have to fess up, this was intended as a joke, a stab at the new CBR - I thought "the seat is too soft" or "the seat height is too low" would give it away, since lots of people complain about the opposite.
    But interesting replies, didn't know that there are already some used ones for sale, thanks to Tony.
    Test-sitting is one thing, riding a bike for a couple of weeks may change your opinion. I hope I didn't scare too many people who already made a deposit and are counting the days until delivery.
    And Ian is bashing the Ninja again - how come you don't like that bike at all?
    But he raised a very interesting point: "I can't wait till We actually see a Proper Test, Trip Report or whatever between these two Bikes so the Truth is revealed!!!" I believe Honda is interested in NOT having any comparos published in a magazine yet since the Ninja will blow it away!

    Hope y'all don't mind a little troll, haven't seen one on this site yet...!
  11. KZ you swine! Although I wasn't really worried as, if real, yours would have been the first negative report about this bike that I've read, all the bike magazines and owners are all very positive about it. I'd love to see a comparisonwith the Ninja too, most reports from people who have ridden both say that there is very little difference between the two.

    I think if I was in America or the UK and the price was almost identical it would be a difficult choice but here in Thailand the standard CBR 250R is almost 50k cheaper and ABS version almost 30k cheaper which makes it a no-brainer! I know there are dealers playing silly buggers and asking inflated prices but if you shop around you can get one for the msrp or thereabouts, my first quote for the ABS bike was 140k but later that day found somewhere asking only 120k, deposit paid there and then.
  12. Actually I thought there was something off with your first post when you said you wanted to exchange it for a D.Tracker plus cash, when infact they would probably be at about the same price, but I didn't want to offend your sensibilities by asking about it. I also think you should have a longer look on your computer and you will see plenty of photos of red, white and blue 250's. They even had one at the Milan show.
  13. Oh ho ho!
    That was a good one KZ!
    I'm so gullible and easily fooled and just couldn't understand your comment regarding pain in the wrists and was tempted to tear you a new one over that newb complaint, but now all is enlightened! (^_^)v
    Ride On!
  14. That's "Schwein" to you!!
    But I agree, there are too many good reports, it's almost like Honda "insisted" on a good review. No report mentions the Ninja's power advantage and nobody did a critical comparo yet as they would have done with other bikes. And those who don't feel a difference between the two haven't really twisted the throttle yet. It's a six horse difference or a good 20% more than the Honda has, it's got to show somewhere, if not in acceleration then at top speed.
    You're right concerning the price here - 110K for a non-ABS version IS tempting! (Read it's 125K for ABS?) Can't ignore that! To pay 40K more for a Kawasaki you got to be a real enduro fan (like me!) But then there's resale value, dealerships a.s.o. - Kawasaki has only 12 or so big bike dealers in TH - does anybody know how many dealers will sell the CBR?
    Jon, the colors vary from country to country, are you sure the red/white/blue version is available here?
    The US and I guess Canada has a blue Tracker 250, carburated. But we won't see that color here. Have a look at the Kawasaki big bike thread.

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  15. What did you win? This brand-new CBR250R!

    Too bad it doesn't exist. ;-)

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  16. There are many many places selling the standard bike for 100k and the ABS bike for 120k, sure there are some who are asking more but you just ignore them and be on your merry way. How many dealers will sell the CBR? Well I live in Chiang Rai and there are at least 6 just here that either currently have one, have had one and sold it or can order one and it'll be the like that all over Thailand which is a very different story to the limited number of Kawasaki dealers. It's one of the things that swayed my decision as I can buy the bike and have it serviced 2mins from my house instead of a 5hr round-trip to Chiang Mai. You may be surprised when they do a comparison despite the hp advantage the Ninja has over the CBR, sure the hp advantage the Ninja has will make a difference but the CBR has more torque and is lighter, will the Ninja be worth almost 50k more? I don't think so!
  17. You actually said, " there's no CBR250 in those colours"... but there is and I didn't say anything about whether they were available in Thailand or not. But they are all made here before being exported, so hopefully it may be possible to get one here. I like the colours.
  18. Any pics or links to any sites selling a red/white/blue CBR 250R? The red/white/blue on show at the eicma in Milan was the 150cc bike and all the reports I've read about the 250cc bike have only mentioned red, gray or black as colour options.
  19. Hi Skyblue. Well, a few seconds ago I just went to Google images and typed in Honda cbr250 2011 and there are lots of pictures of the 250 in the red, white and blue colour scheme including pictures of the 250 at the Milan show. There are links as well and one site I looked at was something like Motoaus for Australia and they quite clearly state that the bike is available in four colour schemes. Sorry I can't post the actual links or photos as I am fairly illiterate on these computer things. Could you post a photo or two just to show I am not making it up!
  20. From http://motoaus.com/road/road-bike-features-and-reviews/2011-honda-cbr250r.html

    "According to early press releases, the 2011 CBR250R will be made in both ABS and non ABS models, in 3 different colour schemes, Black, Red and Silver like the VFR1200, and a traditional tri-colour red/white.blue scheme. Just exactly what, and when, we get in Australia remains to be seen."

  21. This is from http://www.autoblog.com/2010/10/28/honda-announces-cbr250r-and-its-coming-to-america?icid=sphere_blogsmith_inpage_autoblog

    We're also pretty keen on the littlest CBR's (littlest in America, at least) styling and color scheme. We think the multi-tiered styling language that debuted on the latest VFR is better suited to smaller packages like the CBR250R, and the red, white and blue color palette is vintage Honda and, though it's not currently on the U.S. options list, certainly appropriate for the American market.

    And yes, the new CBR250R is headed Stateside. Check out our high-res image gallery below and hit the jump for a video. And Honda, please rethink the omission of the red, white and blue. Trust us.
  22. Thanks for posting those photos, Jethro. Now I am fairly sure I wasn't dreaming it all up.
  23. Yes, the red/white/blue one does exist but it doesn't look like we're getting it in TH.
    It can get quite tricky with those colors offered in different countries, sometimes there are only minor changes, which you may or may not like.
    I posted below a black CBR250R I copied from the internet. It's all black, I like it. It has side reflectors so I guess it's for the US.
    At the local Patong shop they have two bikes, they told me they are black and silver, but they're actually black/silver and grey/silver.
    I don't really like those silver accents, it looks okay on the silver grey one but the black one looks better all black.
    This whole new "VTR1200" look kind of reminds me of fish, like an angel fish in a fish tank. The Ninja looks better to me, especially in black!

    BTW, how do you attach a pic without the frame and that icon next to "Attached images"?

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  24. Here's another link which shows the red/blue/white bike, it even has a countdown to when its available!

  25. From " there's no CBR250R in those colours" to " Yes the red/white/blue one does exist but..."
    No buts please. Are you a troll or a mouse? A simple, " I am sorry I was wrong " will do nicely.

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